DD-WRT Version 24 Released!

OMG!  The latest Linux firmware for Linksys router (and others) has recently been upgraded to version 24.  See the news update below:

We are very proud to release the final DD-WRT v24 to the public. After months of development and bug fixing we are sure this release is as stable and reliable people expect a DD-WRT major release to be. The v24 binaries are now available in the download section (click here).

DD-WRT v24 offers many new features, on of the most important is support of Atheros wlan chipsets and SOC designs. By supporting special features of the Atheros wireless designs like half- and quarter channels and extended channel support DD-WRT is now perfectly suited for long range wireless links. With this DD-WRT is now also supporting the whole Ubiquity line of wireless products using all available features the hardware offers.

Highlights of DD-WRT v24:
– Virtual SSIDs, Virtual DHCP-Servers, PPTP over WAN enhencements, Bridging + VLAN support, VDSL Support, OLSR-Routing / Freifunk, My Ad Network (powered by AnchorFree), Quaqqa instead of Bird (in X86 + Xscale default),  PPPOE-Server, EOIP-Tunnel, Network configuration enhencements, UP-Downstream (QOS), New Packet Scheduler HFSC, Save & Apply, extended DDNS options, extended status information, New Languages, Sipwerk integrated Milkfish into the new release, turning every DD-WRT router into a SIP-aware firewall.
New hardware platforms:
– X86, Avila Gateworks, Cambria Gateworks, Atheros Soc (for a list, please look into the Download Section), Compex,Senao, Fonera, Ubiquiti

Thanks for all the help and response we got.


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  1. anyone knows about ddwrt v24 QoS in up down stream enhancements ?

  2. QOS in DD-wrt v24 is still broken – I tried to configure Skypeout by port to give 80% of my bandwith only when I was using it…DD-wrt suddenly cut ALL my web speed and browsing slowed to a crawl. I disabled QOS but the settings persisted. Eventually had to 30/30/30 reset and enter all my settings again-except QOS of course. Try Tomato, word has it QOS actually works.

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