Sucker Free Sunday – Issue 21

Welcome to the 21st issue of Sucker Free Sunday, where I talk about recruitment policies.  Please refer to issue 1 for the rules on recruitment, but for the lazy, I have recopied the rules below:Here are the rules:1) If selected, you are committed to write on the day you are assigned or chosen.

2) If you happen to miss your day, and Versatile1 covers for you, thats ok but you are given a strike. Three (3) strikes and you are off the team. One (1) strike will be removed every month you did not get a strike. No exceptions to the rule.

3) Topics you desire to write on can be anything, but please keep it clean. We have children, young adults, fathers, mothers, and the elderly visiting this blog.

4) You can of course post on any other day too if you so feel inclined, but make sure you post on your required day, or that is a strike. Make sure your post coincides with your calendar date. If it posts and shows up as the previous day, you posted too early and must delete it and re-post it on the next day.

To apply, post your request and desire in the Sucker Free Sunday issue, any issue. Thank you.

List so far as of 6/01/08:

Sunday: (Open)

Monday: (Open)

Tuesday: Versatile1

Wednesday: (Open)

Thursday: GN

Friday: TVDenimChap


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  1. I wish to become a member of this blog. I have read the conditions and I am ready to accept the job. One thing I didnt understand was that is ‘Sucker Free Sunday’ a magazine or did I have to write a reply like this. Please tell me.

  2. Don’t you think listing the rules every week is just a lost cause. It’s like advertising the bad (or at least not a fun) parts of being a writer for the underground. Give them the rules if they join the group, not every week just so they can see that you have them. 21 weeks of asking for help but demanding perfection is just getting repetative and pointless really… Sorry V1, just had to say it.

  3. Jvalin
    V1 or I will get in touch with you ASAP.
    music, are you going to ever write anymore?
    Probably not… so don’t ruin it for people who really want to write.

  4. Comments are always encouraged. After 21 weeks, we finally have a volunteer. Please note that much has changed within this span of 21 weeks. Internal rules have changed, authors have disappeared, and some just don’t write at all.

    With that said, I’m going to re-write the “Sucker Free Sunday” posts, as it is and always had been an experimental post.

    New rules will be posted next week. Actually, just guidelines really.

    The purpose of “Sucker Free Sunday” is to let the community know that we have dedicated days devoted to certain authors. If no such update exists, then how would you know that we are always recruiting actively?

    Music, I appreciate your comment. Obviously, I now know how you feel which is all right. This is coming from a former author that has become apathetic for all good information that needs to be spread around.
    Jvalin, the “Sucker Free Sunday” is just my quick at a glance update for the community to know who the authors are. The rules may seem strict right now, so I’m going to change them to be more flexible. No fear, I’m pretty easy going to work with. More details to come via e-mail.

  5. I’m sorry Music, but I cannot respect you. You are not even a real author here anymore. I wonder why you still bother coming. Your contribution in the last few months have been short of stellar.

  6. Respect? RESPECT?
    Sloth, don’t be too nice. Music deserves less. Voltaire and V1, you put up with trash. This is a guy who agreed to write and didn’t. What he wrote (what LITTLE I should say) was poor quality material that was for his own selfish purpose. The UltraSurf post was decent, but for himself. He sets up his own rapidshare and put PICTURES in to take up space. That’s not service because you did it once and leech. Shame on you. What gives you the right to make ANY comment here at all? GTFO of the nets kid. And take your trash with you.

  7. Music, take your notes and sing them elsewhere. The birdie has sung its song a long time ago. Not that the song was good. Feed on people and they will tear you apart.

  8. Sloth, God, and Rack STFU. I have just as much right to be here as you do.
    Sloth- Did you ever respect me? No, F*** you. I don’t give a sh*t if you respect me or not.
    God- He said he can’t respect me… I deserve less than not being respected? How the hell do you do that? Get over the rapidshare thing already. Does it really kill you to wait 5 more seconds on a f***ing download? If it does, I created a second link a long time ago with no pictures in it. It’s been up for months and you still freak out about the rapidshare link. Just use the alt. link! God damn it.
    Rack- Just because Sloth and God are obsessed with insulting me doesn’t mean you need to join in.

  9. ummm… yea… guess what fool. just about everyone here hates when you comment, so unless you have something urgent to say, then don’t say anything. want to avoid getting ripped up? THEN step back. From what I read, you had a chance… and you messed it up… and still haven’t tried to fix things. so of course you “have the right” but so do they, and as much “right” as you have to do things, they “have the right” to rip you apart.

  10. TV Denim Chap

    Grow up, the lot of you. It’s just a blog. It’s just the Internet.

  11. Guys, be civilized. Music had a golden opportunity to say what he wanted, and he got just that.

    Some people would take that opportunity to tell a joke, a story, or something to reach a middle ground. Maybe even an apology. Others however want to go out in burning glory, burning bridges and leaving turmoil behind.

    Music has spoken. Let’s celebrate in whatever is suitable for this occasion.

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