Blog Recruitment – What the Dillio?

If you may or may not have known, this blog has been around since mid April of 2007. This past summer I have been trying to get more people onto the blog, and efforts have been hit or miss.

Yes, we got a few guys in the beginning, but as time goes on interest dies off. The problem I feel is that the authors see this “Underground Blog” and feel like they can share with their diverse knowledge. So after a few weeks they write and write, and then suddenly writer’s cramp. Or life kicks in and they have higher priorities to deal with rather than write for 5 minutes on a blog that gets over 2K views a day.

As time went on, I have come to the conclusion that people who read this blog either:

  • Enjoy the material but don’t want to contribute.
  • Don’t want to make committments.
  • Have no idea what to write about.
  • Feel as if this whole place is a waste of time.
  • Come and leech the info, maybe leave a comment to say thanks, but effectively become a blog troll or leech. (which is ok :o)
  • Become an author, but then the “novelty” factor wears off and they become inactive.
  • Not passionate enough to become one of the few underground communities and make a difference. Voltaire can explain how well we are doing in the Alexa ranks, but we are rising. I don’t have the statistics on me, but Voltaire will be able to explain. In short, we are constantly rising in ranks, and we are not falling downwards. This is an amazing feat for a blog that writes so much random topics that I’m glad for what I am trying to get out there.
  • The “rules” are too strict, or too loose.
  • No motivation to contribute.

The list goes on and on. I’m sure there is someone reading this right now, and may have their own thoughts as to why people don’t want to become an author, even if it only takes like 10 minutes of their time to write something up. Heck, explore yourself.  If you come here regularly, why don’t you want to contribute? If it is something that I haven’t mentioned already, please mention it in the comments. I’m just curious so I can figure out how to improve this place.

This blog is for the community, not for me. Yes, I can hoard the information and keep it to all myself, but what fun is that if you can’t share the hi-tech love?

Sound off in the comments, you might be recognized!

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  1. I think they like the adult material so once they have the tools, they leave you.

    Similar to how at work you have the old guy teach you everything he knows, and then he gets let go. :/

  2. I’m new here. Just found the place. In response to the posting, though, I really don’t feel I know enough about stuff to post anything useful for readers. That’s why I’m here…to learn! 🙂

  3. This is a great start! Enjoy your stay and learn as much as you can then.

  4. Guilty as charged. I tend to read blogs but very rarely post on them unless something really sparks an interest. From here on in i’ll make more of an effort to contribute. Great blog by the way, i will be back.

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