Who Hit The Snooze Button?

Thursday, June 5, 2008 was the 9/11 of The Underground.

If you were looking for us yesterday, you probably missed us because the blog was down for a while.

The reason is unknown at the moment but when we find out, you will find out.

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  1. So there I am At a buddies house ,Bragging about this Awsome blog that i thought would be right up his alley …….
    And what do i see “Site inactive”……Not sure why that said that ,but you now have informed me I’ll find out why.
    I can only do so much to help the blog ,It really helps US out when its Active for me to show to others.KNOCK that shit off …..All in gest …good to see ya back up

  2. So yesterday I go to show my buddy about this blog that would be right up his alley,And what Do I see”Site inactive”…..Thanks .
    I can only do so much to promote this blog!!!!! It really helps when there is A blog in order to read…So i would really like if you were to KNOCK that shit off ….All in gest .Glad to see ya back up !!!!!

  3. At first I was scared, thinking that the ToS had been violated. However, the Staff here has worked hard to make sure we are not violating anything.

    I think what happened was that I had to confirm the contact detail for myself, and that is exactly what I did. Good thing it wasn’t something else, as I have worked way too hard to let this die.

  4. hells yes sir. You and Voltaire (i know what he does behind the scenes) spill your blood on this to make it real.

    Thanks for making it happen.
    Viva LA Underground!

  5. Turns out that we had to limit the number of affiliate links, and then we have to remove illegal downloads and rapidshare type links. :p

  6. oh…. If that’s so…. Then please ignore my second email. If you think I am confused, could you please send me an email telling what all can I write in the blog?? THANKS

  7. Oh sorry to write this off topic comment but the time here at my place is: 11:26 AM (you can delete this comment versatile) just wanted to tell you the time difference b/w your place and mine( cause I wanted to see if I have to write on Monday then at what time I had to write it so that it comes on Monday on this blog.) Hope you can understand 🙂

  8. Check your email for the responses. The blog time zone is currently GMT -6. You are about 12 hours ahead of this blog.

    Thus, if you want to write such that it falls on Monday here, you need to write between the afternoon of your Monday or Morning of your Tuesday.

    Does that make sense? In other words, subtract 12 hours from your timezone and that is the time here in the USA.

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