[Issue 2] Our Life, Our Times: How Things Have Changed.

I know that its been forever since I’ve done this one. Enjoy!

Sometimes I wonder about how our world has gone. Every time you go to a school, you see kids in math class using calculators all over. You see people using computers like there is no tomorrow. Watching TV as if the outer world didn’t exist. Ok, ok, I’m guilty of this as well. But in the new age of technology, is this a bad thing?

I find it interesting that a lot of kids can’t do simple math in their heads anymore. On really big tests, I find myself doing simple calculations on my calculator because I’m afraid that I got them wrong. Well, that may sound different, but almost the same principle. We rely on the goodness of technology because it makes things simple, but we can’t think of the solution in our heads. Come on, the square of 25 is 625. It isn’t hard to figure out on paper, but we do it on the calculator to save time. But at the 2 + 2 level these things waste time anyway. If you can’t figure out the slope of a line without using that crazy program you stored on the calculator, what good is the concept?

My good friend is actually failing his math classes because he can’t think algebraically anymore. All due to his extensive programming since he was in the 3rd grade. Recursion, OOP, it’s all easy for him. But x + 2 = 4? Well, you get the point, but he has more difficulties doing the harder math problems in class because he has a programmable solution, but not a way to do it algebraically. You can’t write a program on a math test and expect full points.

Another qualm about my life is fast food. It’s not that it tastes bad… but it’s not high quality food. I guess, of course, that’s what happens when you fry up potatoes in a large vat. But look at Costco. They sell better quality food at larger amounts for lower prices. Of course, it’s probably only because they can afford to make 10 cents off their food because they sell other stuff. Food at Costco is a side attraction, not the main show.

But Wendy’s, Macdonalds’, BK, Taco Bell, and others could make healthier foods and probably attract more customers. Of course, they have salads and such, but who is going to really buy a salad when it costs $7 compared to a $1 Crispy Chicken Sandwich? With that $7 from the salad, I could buy myself fries, a drink, a sandwich, a desert, and 2 other things from the $1 menu. More food, same price. Or I could even save some of the money.

I don’t want to rant on and on about little things that may turn out to be pretty significant. But life is constantly changing. Maybe we’ll have calculator chips embedded within us… And healthy fast food.


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