Rockin’ Friday – Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

Dexter Holland and ‘Noodles’ of The Offspring

So this week saw the release of the new Offspring album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. I’ll be honest, on the whole, they’re not my cup of tea. I like quite a few tracks on their greatest hits, namely ‘Can’t Repeat’ and ‘Can’t Get My Head Around You’. But as a punk outfit, they’re not what I normally listen to.

So I’ve listened briefly to the new album. And what I’ve listened to is decent. It doesn’t blow ME away, and in fact none of it sounds particularly amazing, but I’m a metalhead. And in trying to open my mind, I’ve mildly enjoyed the songs I’ve heard. It reminds me a little bit of the older stuff by them I like, Green Day (who I also like), a little of Panic! At the Disco (bleurgh!), and some of the lighter Lostprophets stuff.

I can’t give a very in depth review of this album, but I will say it’s worth checking out if you’re into this stuff, to see if you do actually like it. Hammerhead and Half-Truism (which is VERY reminiscent of Helena by MCR) are pretty good songs. In fact, in true Underground style, here is the whole album below. Check it out, and see for yourself if it’s good or not:


Now, I shall return to my Megadeth and Machine Head 😀

Rock on! \m/

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