A very big Sorry to all of you!!

Hey, kick me, punch me, abuse me! I know I deserve it all! I have not posted for 2 weeks in a row!!! Sorry, all the communtiy members and the viewers. I am here to clear all your doubts and rumors. I am not leaving this “job”. I had gone for my summer vacations to Parwanoo, its a nice place. Btw, it am covering for the left posts now.


Ok, I am writing about me experience of playing Sims on the DS. We all know that Sims is a good game, actually a great game.. but I prefer playing it on the computer or on the PS.  DS has  a small screen and you dont get the “feel”. I suggest that poeple should try games like COD.

Another tip:  There is this new range of mouse for the computer by Moserbaer. Its slim and soo attractive. It is anytime better th4an the original “fat” mouse. Try it..


Also, The Second gen iPhone is almost near relase!!!! I am going to buy it, what about you?? Check my Second Gen iPhone post in the ‘Apple’ category’

I am posting this from a friends house, and I have to leave, so please forgive me for such a short post. 🙂 I know that this is not my day, but I am just covering up for myself :þ

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  1. Second chances? What? WHAT!?!?!? YOU THINK WE GIVE THOSE OUT? JUST LIKE THAT!?!? You had your chance, you lost it… JK, lol. Chill out tizil. No one’s going to bust you that much for having a life outside the blog. It’s good to see you checking in though. See ya when we see ya,

  2. Actually, I emailed the author to find out if he was still alive or not. He confirmed that he was. :0

  3. Let me understand one thing. Music actually thinks he is still part of the blog crew?

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