Rockin’ Friday! – ‘The myth of fast learning’

Janick Gers of Iron Maiden

Sorry for not posting last week, I did not remember to post early and before I knew it I had gone on holiday and had no access to a computer.

And apologies again for a short post this week 😛 Unforseen events have got my attention, but I have a little to say on fast learning sites. Thanks to CRKD Omegga for this post.

We’ve all seen them, those websites that offer ‘LEARN HTML IN X DAYS!’ or ‘LEARN GUITAR IN 24 HOURS.’ As Omegga said, I just want to say that these sites CANNOT deliver on their promise. You might be able to pick up some basics from it, but things such as these take a year or two of dedication before you can reap the benefits of learning.

For more, check out this thread:

Rock on! \m/

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