How To Hack your PSP to 4.01 M33-2

Do you have a modded PSP?  How about a non-modded PSP?  Well, you can upgrade your PSP to custom firmware.  Why would you want to do that?  Think about it.  WIth a modded PSP, you can run homebrew applications, but even more importantly, you can play copied games!

How you get these games is a mystery, but I’m sure with the age of the Internet, you could definitely find something if you are so inclined.

What do you need?


1. Pandora’s Battery.
2. Memory Stick Pro Duo (64mb to 8gb TESTED so far – any will do).
3. psp-grader-v005-lite-setup
4. Official PSP 3.90 Firmware.

Find the rest of the tutorial at the source at bottom of the page.  I have a modded PSP,  fat version, and it works great!  I got a 4gig memory stick, so that really helps with the games. :p


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