Newbies guide to XBOXHDM

Is your XBOX modded via modchip or softmod?  You can install a larger hard drive into your XBOX easily once it is modded.  Today I wanted to show off a neat tutorial that I found called XBOXHDM.  This program lets you format your hard drive such that you can use the extra space in your F and G drive.  Please note the limitations of the Xbox.  People claim that they can use 750GB hard drives.  Right now I am using a 320GB hard drive, but I could easily use a 500GB if I wanted to.

Read the tutorial below at the source, and if there are any questions, leave a comment as I have done this many times already.  Source at bottom of page.


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  1. wow. Things haven’t really changed around here.. still getting almost 3k views a day I see. And the sucker free sunday still hasn’t changed.. I guess that’s just your day off from the blog then. You know though.. these blogs are pretty limited on some things. You should upgrade to a blog. You have to host it on a website so it ain’t free but hey check out what a friend and I came up with with just a couple days of messing around: . My web hosting has so many uses lol. Speaking of web hosting, whats new with the forum? It’s still sittin there . You should stop by my site some time, see what’s new in my world.
    ttyl v1. ~Musicmasteria

  2. Thank you. Not much has changed at all, you are correct. How much has changed on your side of things?

    Everyone has different goals in life, and different ideas. Good luck with your

  3. So, whose modded XBOX is in the pic above, and is there any more detiled info about it and its construction?

  4. Definitely not mine. I found it off of google of someone who went the extra step. ;0

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