WinRAR – Extracting ISO Mistakes

I am writing this post because I am frustrated with the amount of novices who use WinRAR and ask:

“Dear Versatile1,

I have just downloaded a PS2 game.  It comes with X amount of RAR files.  I proceed to extract the first file and at the end it gives me another RAR file.  I extract this file, only to see DATA files and SLUS files and the like.  How do I burn this?  Where is my .ISO file?”

*Versatile1 Bangs Head Against Wall*

This is where I bang my head against the wall, because you have the .iSO file in your face, but you don’t even realize it.  When you install WinRAR, by default it may associate all .ISO files as a WinRAR archive.  WinRAR will allow you to extract this file, and this is exactly what is happening here.

Please go to the Options -> Settings -> Integration Tab and you will see all the file associations.  Unselect the .ISO file, and you are good to go.  Now you won’t ever be confused because you will see the .ISO file as a regular file, and not a WinRAR file.  No more mistake extracting something that you shouldn’t.

If you have been redirected to this article, then Versatile1 is disappointed in your computer ability.

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  1. Chyea is also disappointed in your computer abilities.

  2. Thank you for this article. Embarrassing as it is, I fall into the novice category that you mentioned. Sorry for the brain damage that may have been incurred due to the ineptitude of people like myself.

  3. It is fine. I applaud you on using the word “ineptitude”. It is a word I hardly see around here.

  4. Thank you for this article, although I may also fall into the category of novices, I was already banging my head against the wall wondering what I was doing wrong. This saved me a hell of a lot of frustration. Thank you again.

  5. ur blog has not yet helped even though u told me 2 go on it on your youtube video. the file i extracted from my winrar archive waz called “Image Files”.
    What of u got 2 say 2 dat???

  6. where is this option you are talking about ?
    plz help

  7. Hey,
    Could you please help? I downloaded a software yesterday but i just realized that they were around 32 iso files in zipped folders. I am really confused as to what to do next. I tried everything in my capability and have almost given up hope.. Can you please help..??? Please…

  8. i followed these steps, to uncheck the iso file box so that ISO image files are not associated with WinRar, i clicked OK and did a system restart. but when i went to redownload ubuntu iso image file, it still has winrar file association instead of just ISO file by itself

  9. when i want to mount the image, it doesnt want to work. its wants me to extract all the files to a folder that i want use because its not an iso.

  10. hey dude, i downloaded a game and when I try to unrar it it gives me some errors at the end:

    1. Not enough space on disk (it’s impossible i still have 15 GB space)
    2. Writting error: only NTFS system supporst files bigger than 4GB

    Does this means the game is fucke dup or what’s up ? If you know the probelem plz help me. Thx.

    • Are we sure your hard drive is using NTFS? Answer that first.

      • It’s ok i converted the HD in NTFS and managed to extract ti but it seems the ISO is broken or something cuz it’s not working. Burned it 3 ways NTSC on dvd+rw, PAL on dvd+rw and NTSC on dvd-r and nothing, it gets jammed after the PlayStation2 logo(dark screen). But almost all my copied games are on dvd+r and work perfectly. Don’t know if to try one of those too but it should’ve worked on a dvd-r. So dunno what to do. The most probably the ISO is fucked up.

  11. lol dude thanks i saw your guide in youtube and had problems with this same thing (im 16 and im not that good with computers and stuff) so thanks!

  12. Yap, my problem exactly. Thanks so much 😀
    No need to be disappointed, we learn as we go xD

  13. Thank you very much. I was banging my head against the wall searching for that elusive iso file. Thank you for clearing it up for me. Simple as the solution was, I needed to know that little tidbit. My relief outweighs my embarassment.

  14. I keep unselecting .ISO file from the list of files Winrar associates with, but when I click OK, I go back to the Setting Menu and it is reselected. is this because I have an evaluation copy of Winrar.

    • Why are you even concerned about that ?
      As long as you know its the ISO file, you are good.

      I believe the main cause of this thread was to prevent people from mistaking ISO files as Rar files.
      And it doesn’t make sense to configure winrar, if you already knew which file was the ISO file.. does it ?

      • I’m just confused, calm down. I should have been more clear.

        When I extract the rar files, I get a file that ends in .iso, but the little icon next to the file (you know, the three books of purple, blue, and green) seems to indicate that it is still a Winrar archive file.

        So, when I go to this page, I thought maybe I am extracting the file incorrectly, and I went and unselected .ISO files from the list, but nothing has changed. I still get the same result.

        So, am I extracting the .ISO file correctly or not? I’m not sure. If I am, then I am going wrong somewhere else.

        • “When I extract the rar files, I get a file that ends in .iso”

          The file that ends in .iso, is the ISO file !
          Just burn it using IMGburn and you are done. ^ ^

        • Please do not try to be creative. If you have a .ISO, why do you think that you must extract it again, even if Winrar did not de-associate itself from the icon correctly?

          Just burn the .ISO file and stop worrying about all these what if scenarios. This is the least of your worries. At least you don’t have a person in India copying your articles 1:1.

          • I know you guys think I’m asking a dumb question, but I really did not know whether the file that ends in “.ISO” was actually an iso file. And it’s not just the icon. In my explorer folder, it labels the “file type” as a Winrar archive. This is why I was confused. Since you guys don’t seem to think this is a big deal, then I assume I am extracting the file correctly.

            The PS2 won’t recognize any of the discs I’ve burned. I can’t find out where I’ve gone wrong in this process, but I suppose extracting isn’t it.

  15. Hi – i’m trying to extract an ISO file which shows total 31 winrar files being 30 files of 97,657 kb and 1 file of 23,900 kb = 2.81gb – but when i extract it = it comes up as an ISO of over 6gb – which is too big for me to burn? – please help anyone? Thanks Gary

  16. Thank you most righteous dude!!

  17. thank you very much!… you made my life easier..

  18. Heeeeyyyy Dude I Live In INDIA… Which Version I Should Go For NTSC Or PAL ???????? And Also I Use Nero Can I burn my Ps2 Game At 4x Speed?????? Plz Reply Fast 😀

  19. versatile1 you are a legend..also i am thick.” umm wheres my iso?..”you were correct of course,it was there just the intelligence was not..thank you kind sir

  20. im trying to mount my game but i cannot extract the iso file. i have located it and try to extract it but it says “you need to have the fololwing volume to continue extraction”

    and than lets me browse through my computer for it but i dont know what i am looking for or
    it tells me to insert a disk with the correct/next volume but that option is out cause i do not have a cd drive….

    and i am using winrar program

  21. yah thats what i thought… thnks

  22. in some instance you have to go control panel appearance and personalization

    then folder options
    then view
    then un-tick hide extentions for known file types

  23. I did what you show and extract the file. Then when I open there are many WinRAR Split Compressed Archive file. Then I extract them, the extract menus say ISO, but it give me a WinRAR achive file in the end. please help?

  24. hey Bro , i have a problem that whenever i open that i.s.o file i downloaded it gives error that archieve is unknown or damaged, so any solution plzzzzzzzz

  25. i downloaded rar file . but when i extract it , there is error like new volume is required

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