Roommate Survival Story

This summer has got to be the most interesting summer for me, and I’ll tell you why: it deals with my roommate.  Except this time, my roommate is very interesting and I”ll explain why I’m so happy when he is gone this Friday for good!

In short, my company does summer internships, and my friend was able to get an internship.  Actually, it is partly my fault as I told him to try to get an interview and do his best.  Well, I put where my foot where my mouth is and he got it.  He got a $3K relocation package, and being the nice guy I am, I decided to let him stay this summer at my place.  I’m still wondering if it is worth it in retrospect.

For sake of discussion, lets call him Mike.  It turns out that this last semester Mike was on probatation (because he did bad the previous semester) and this most recent semester he didn’t do so well.  His semester GPA was below 2.0, so the school basically kicked him out.  To get re-entry into the school, he has to prove he has a medical condition.  In this case, he thinks he has A.D.D. and he needs to show this doctor notice to get back into the spring 09′ semester.  He can’t get into the fall 09 semester because the school won’t let him.

With that said, the guy is always depressed.  Plus, he has a friend named Stephanie which he had a crush on since high school.  She is currently a sophmore in college, and Mike is a senior (2 year age difference).  I don’t want to go into details, but basically he buys her jewelry and nice clothing and she uses it to go out with other guys and sleep with them.  Mike knows this, she knows this, and she continues.  Mike believes he can change her, but I hardly doubt it.

The worst part is he talks about her all the time to me.  He talks to her almost every single day, and I have to listen to him talk to her.  Sometimes I have no choice, as he talks to her in the car, or when we are at work or whenever.  When I go home, I just close the door in my bedroom and close my eyes and rest.  Since my place only has one bedroom, Mike sleeps in the living room.

I like to keep things clean, he likes to be messy.  He has no respect for saving money.  He likes to drink, leave the lights on when sleeping, and go to the restaurants all the time.  He is basically the complete opposite of me.  Once he got so drunk he cried on the floor, while talking to “girl” on the phone.  It was pathetic.

Now I can ramble on and on, but the point of this whole story is Mike is an annoying bastard.  This is got to be my worst summer ever as “my time” has been ruined by Mike’s depressing lifestyle.  Did I mention that he likes to swear all the time?  I am just sick of it.  Oh yea, he likes “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and he likes the music.  I frickin’ hate that movie, and the music that goes with it.  Welcome to my hell.


The best part is Mike leaves this Friday because his internship is over and he is going back home.  He tried to get his internship to be extended, but his boss said no due to strict company funds.  I am grinning from ear to ear.  No more Stephanie, no more alcholhol, no more swearing.  I can live a normal life once again without interruption.  :0  Am I so evil? I don’t think so.

Do you have a story about an obnoxious roommate?  Let’s hear it!  I feel mine is the worst thus far, and I have lived with many different roommates over these past years.

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  1. I personally have never had a roommate that awful, but I had some friends with war stories to share from the dorm days. A friend of mine had a Turkish dude as his roommate that would randomly masturbate while he was in the room. He would also yell in Turkish on the phone for hours at a time. I actually got to know this friend because he would be over at my room all the time to escape the bastard.

  2. My girlfriend has the roomy from hell ,Were to start i dont know ,Well will name him “TOM” This guy takes care of his father ,which has had a stroke and doesn’t get around very well ,for toms sake he cant really check on what his son is up too.they live in a 3 bedroom home his dad lives in the house and tom lives in the bedroom extension built of the back of the house .so him and his friends can come and go without detection .As my girlfriend has mutal friends with “TOM” she came to discover that he has the room she rents BUGGED ,why i dont know ,parinoid i guess !!! curious maybe !!!!! this sick @##$ i know listens to us while we get freaky !!!! how do i know one of mutal friend bagan to give my girlfriend a play by play of a particular night me and my girlfriend had ….I Was told of this …ALL i could think is how pathitic “TOM” and friends must have when thats all they have to do on a friday night is listen to us knock boots ….I said something to one of them and know iam no longer aloud over there.One weekend we were cleaning her windows we both noticed hand prints from outside ,like you were looking in and couldn’t qwite see in so you covered your eyes from the glare .in the sahape of an L sideways ….that proved to us he had been a peeping TOM TOO .So sad when his father is a former sheriff too .if he only knew what his demon seed is up to …theres a ton more but i wont bore you …..

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