Modify your Games!

Garrys MOd for the Source Engine

Garrys MOd for the Source Engine

Has that last round of Counter Strike left a bland taste in your mouth? Did your third play-through of Crysis leave you bored and unsatisfied? Breath some new life into your old games by modding them!

Modding comes in all sorts of forms, from simple re-skins of existing game elements to completely new games made by modding an existing one. (This is how Counter Strike, Red Orchestra, and Team Fortress started!) There is some sort of modification available for nearly any popular game out there today. Some mods change the visual aspects of the game, such as weapon skins for CS:S while others change the way the game is played, like certain mods for Quake III, which change how much health you have and how much damage certain weapons do. Even if you play console games, Halo 3 allows surprisingly in-depth customization through the Forge tool.

Some of my favorite mods include…

Surf Maps– CS:S

ZombieMod – CS:S and CoD 4

Cel-Shaded Halo – Halo Pc

Weapon and Player Skins for CS:S ( I get mine from

PAM 4 – CoD 4

I am currently waiting in great anticipation for Black Mesa: Source, a complete remake of Half Life using the Half Life 2 engine.

So, if you’re feeling a little bored, google your favorite game and see what kind of mods are available for download!

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  1. i want to mod my game but i dont no how,can anybody help to mod my game?

    • What game do you want to mod?

      Modding is usually easy. All it requires is finding the right game files and over writing them.

      Go to google and search for ” mods” to bring more replayability to your games.

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