A New Underground

As much as I hate to say it, the Underground has been off on tangents for a long time now.  When I first started the Underground, the main point of it was bringing underground knowledge to the average Joe.  This type of knowledge would border between legal and illegal materials sometimes.

Good example are our discussions with PS2 modding and torrents.  Lately, we have been all over the place.  WIth authors like GN and Advent, we are touching upon things that are not necessarily fitting the original goal of this site.  Sure, learning about life and health and misc. entertainment is awesome, but I feel that this place is lacking something.  A little bit of direction, and a little bit of deep knowledge.

What is the plan?  We have an FTP, and in the next couple days we are going to use a new theme over there, along with some new plugins.  The new underground site will be totally separate from this one.  If you want new material, go to the new side (we will advise link).

Someday the FTP will die or we will get fed up with it so we will move all the content on the FTP WordPress site back to wordpress.com.

This is just an experiment, so we will see how well it works.  We may add a few ads to create revenue. The new WP will have less posts written per week or month, but the content of the posts will be solid and thoughtful.

No more copy and paste articles, and no more posts that lack “substance”.  Be on the lookout for the new Underground.

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