Animals of the Underground

With the new Underground coming soon, I wanted to promote the creatures that we don’t care much about today.

Ah yes, the earth worm.  These worms are great because they dig holes in your grass and actually help it breathe, let alone help convert organic material into nutrients which plants can absorb.  Since they help loosen the soil, roots of plants have an easier time to grow and alow for water and air to circulate within the soil.

Cute Badgers!

Cute Badgers!

I don’t know what the benefits of badgers are.  I just wanted to point out that we don’t see them enough, and that they should be treated with respect for what they do.  I think they like to dig in the dirt, and help clean our your garbage though. :0

This is a possum. They live underground (some do), but most of the time you can find them hiding in bushes or in the trees.



Anteater likes to eat ants.  Damn, I didn’t know they were that big!

This is just the beginning.  Do you have a favorite underground animal?  Let us know in the comments!

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