Rant on Needy Commentors

This post was coming sooner or later.  Today someone had the nerve to request a demonoid invite, and they did it by posting 3 comments, each comment about a minute or two between each other.

What has the world come down to?  Are we not civilized anymore?  Can we not be smart and post everything we want into one comment?

Creating 3 comments is not going to make me help you out any faster.  In fact, it may impede your progress.

I understand the blog is a fulcrum of many turning points, where we help convert someone from unknowledgable to knowledgeable.  We have helped countless individuals going from no demonoid to demonoid users.

We can make it happen, but when you try to annoy me or suck up to get an edge, this is when I am going to drop you like a slab of meat to a pack of wolves.

This is it for now.  If you get crap from me, then re-evaluate your neediness factor.

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