Have a cool Ubuntu Desktop!

I recently installed Ubuntu on my machine, and wanted to know what I could do to make things look better. A few steps away and I got some amazing results. Here’s a guide to achieving some really cool results using graphics repositories, widgets, and compiz.

Let’s face it, the default theme on current Ubuntu releases is more aimed at the (boring) business folks: no transparency, no effects, no shiny icons and cool wallpapers.

That’s why I’m going to walk you through some easy steps to customize your Ubuntu Gnome – for better usability and better looks (to impress your windows buddies?).

[Haters: this guide is only for Gnome – the default environment for Ubuntu, not KDE.]


Ever since I started using Linux, I really enjoyed messing with the settings. I fell in love with Mac OS X Aqua look and, I recreated it on Linux. Some stuff I didn’t change – such as the Finder bar, because I liked how Ubuntu handled that functionality. It’s pretty easy to customize Ubuntu, there’s no need for command line ‘magic’, just a creative eye and a couple of websites that host icon packages and the likes.

Linux, Ubuntu in this case, I found that is the most versatile when it comes to your needs, almost everything can be customized.

Customizing Linux, believe it or not, got me featured on Lifehacker.”

To read the rest of the article, go here.



Edit: Messed up and deleted the link. Fixed it, but here it is if you missed it: http://blogs.howtogeek.com/tuxgeek/2008/09/08/pimp-your-gnome-in-7-steps/

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  1. Oh, sorry about that, I was messing around with the code and accidentally deleted the link tags.

    Go here: http://blogs.howtogeek.com/tuxgeek/2008/09/08/pimp-your-gnome-in-7-steps/

    That’s the full article

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