September 11th, 7 Years Later

Seven years ago 9/11 occurred.  Where were you when the twin towers got struck?  I am still in disbelief that I have lived history, and I’m sure that many of you have lived history as well.

When the towers struck, I was a senior in HS in my calculus class and a voice over the intercom was the principle, saying something about the attack.  Everyone in my class was in utter belief.  I think we had a TV and we turned it on, and just watched in horror.

The rest of the day was moot, as it was tough to get any work done.  Heck, no one wanted to do anything except talk about the attack.  For the next day or two, I remember in calculus class we just didn’t do anything but reminiscent about life and how there were more important thigns in life than math.  Luckily, that pushed back the test. ;p

Seven years later (wow, it’s been that long already?) we have not found weapons of mass destruction.  There has been no further attacks on the US.  Do we still need to live in fear?  In today’s society with high gas prices, poor economy, and lackluster real estate market, people start worrying about things closer to home.

Please set aside a few minutes today and reflect on 9/11.

Thanks to Voltaire, please see the link below. It is the daily show, where Jon Stewart films right after the 9/11 tragedy.  Just breathtaking.

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