Sucker Free Sunday – Issue 36

[The Suckers Have Changed… Again]
I got bored with seeing the same exact post every Sunday, so I’m mixing it up. ~ Voltaire
The Goal:
  • Have the public post articles, hopefully on a regular basis.
  • Any topic is allowed… but keep it clean. Try to be tech-savvy, but if that’s not what you’re about, we really don’t care. Just remember, this isn’t an exclusive blog, it’s for the general public. Keep in mind that you will be writing for the masses. Do you want younger kids reading bad language?
What It Takes To Become an Underground Contributor or Author:
  1. Commitment. Unless you want to write only one or two articles, you probably want to be a normal blog writer. This means that the day you choose to write on is the day you must post. We shouldn’t have to chase you down for a post. You may be called out. (Oh the shame!)
  2. Language. We generally try to avoid copy/paste rips here, even if we do write our own intros and conclusions. Try to make your piece engaging and interesting. For example, if you are making a tutorial, post some pics.
  3. No excuses. If you fail to come up with an idea, don’t hope that Voltaire or Versatile1 will post for you. Contact us and we will help you. We have lots of ideas, we’ve been writing for over a year! If you can’t reach us, check out Digg, Fark, Reddit, ZeroPaid, and other social article sites. They generally have lots of new articles which can create ideas. Ask MusicMasteria why he left the blog (at the command of our viewers!)
  4. Hard work. Don’t slack off and post a horrid one-liner. ‘Nuff said. Just be good and post something decent.
Please note that long periods of inactivity
will be noticed, and further discussions related to this activity shall
be conducted in a professional manner off of the blog.  

Bad behavior related to the blog will result in IP blockage. We will spam filter you if you decide to vent on the blog via post or comment.

To apply, post your request and desire in the comments of this
Sucker Free Sunday issue, or any issue. As long as the Staff sees the
request, further action will take place. Or, send us an email. We love reading those. Thanks!

Finally, those of you who sign up for PrizeRebel using the links on this blog, send Voltaire an email if you want traffic to your personal blog or site. We can help you by linking articles relevant to general The Underground material. (and other things!)

List so far as of 9/14/08:

Sunday: Versatile1

Monday: Jvalin Tejpal (Tizil 7), [OPEN]

Tuesday: Versatile1

Wednesday: (Open)


Friday: (Open)

Saturday: Skitzo

Random: Voltaire

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