The New Underground

Hey guys!

I know you are probably tired of reading about this new V2. Well, right now, I will tell you what V2 is going to be all about.

First, some history. The Underground was created by Versatile1 and I back in April of 2007. During the start, we had many brief posts about something new or something we knew that people should know about. Over time, we grew from our tech base, encompassing tips to life and other things.  A slew of authors joined and left, leaving us with V1, me (Voltaire), and new authors Skitzo and Jvalin. Past authors include: TV Denim Chap, GN, Musicmasteria, Zoolgod, and others. If you look around, some are still around, but busier than ever.

As new authors joined the bandwagon, I started to feel as if The Underground just wasn’t what it used to be. The vision, to bring readers informational guides on underground tech such as hacking, modding, new tech, and other things hard to find on the internet, was failing. We, in essence, weren’t doing our jobs properly.

V2, or Version 2, is the new Underground. On it, we will strive to keep to this goal. Our mission is to bring you information that is hidden on the internet, in places that users don’t normally go to. Using our new FTP space, the V2 will be a place where posts will come often, but not on a rigorous daily schedule. We want to provide good information. Quality, not quantity.

Of course, V1 will continue to be run as normal, but more indepth info will be found at V2.

So get ready.


Posted on September 25, 2008, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I will still visit both V1 and V2, and answer lingering questions on V1.

    However, anything new will be found on V2. :0

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