What the V1 and the V2 mean to me…

Hey! I have been relatively new to the underground compared to V1, Voltaire, TV, GN, Music and other guys. I applied as a writer here on June 2, and have tried to be as regular as I can be. According to the rules, I should have written 16 posts but I have written only 7 posts, this being my 8th one. Some of my posts have generated over 5.8k views, some have not been appreciated and some are lame and written in a hurry. I have 79 comments on all my posts. I don’t mean to show off, but the reason why Versatile and Voltaire cant do this is, because they have so many comments, and posts that it will take a hell lot of time to add them up! =)  Some of my top posts are:

1. iPhone Unlock

I had an iPhone, I was an author on this blog and I knew how to unlock it so, up came this post which has been my most popular post. These were perfect ingredients for a nice post. =)

2. …Don’t want to make you sad, but I don’t have any other top posts. You can expect some great stuff in V2 which I have planned. V1 and Voltaire also liked my idea… and I hope you will too! Stay tuned!

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