How the V1 Blog Will Proceed After 9-29-08

These last few days there has been a lot of talk about this blog, and the new blog and I wanted just for one last time talk about how I want this blog to continue here on and out.

For the authors, if you want to write on the new blog, please contact either V1 or Voltaire, and we will setup your account appropriately.  I ask that for the new blog, any intellectually stimulating articles or deep tutorials and what not be written for that.  Otherwise, current authors please save your article for this blog.

Yes, that is correct.  This blog will continue to get posts, but the posting article content will slightly different than what we have done in the past.  The V2 blog will strictly be for new tutorials, technical content, and things of that nature.  Anything that does not find its way on V2 blog will find its niche here.  Things like TiT updates will continue, and here I will lament on status of both blogs as necessary.

Question:  Is it true you can take the content found on V2, and just post it here on V1?

Answer: Yes, that is possible, but V2 has more features to it, and I would like the new “tastier” content to be on V2 so we can focus and push ourselves to the next level.  Believe it or not, there will be a day when I do not want to blog anymore, so any data on V2 will then at that time be imported into V1 blog, so it can be part of Internet wordpress history and documentation. ;p  

Question:  Is the V1 Blog going to die?

Answer:  No, it won’t.  The content on this blog still gathers new questions and faces each and every day.  There will always be demonoid users, console questions, COD4 questions, and the like and I will continue to check this blog daily to answer questions as needed.

Bottom line is anything that doesn’t fit with V2 will find its way onto here.  This is nice, because there are some social articles I want to write about, and get off my chest and gather community feedback and this blog is a nice avenue to do so.

Anything else you want to see here on this blog?  Leave a comment, thanks!

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  1. Thank you man you are great

    walk and i will back with you

  2. Thanks for the great work

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