It is time.

The time has come to move on.

The Underground has been an interesting blog, full of interesting information, whether useful or just plain fun. Ever since I’ve joined on to the crew with Versatile, the blog has just been a fun place to be. Now, we will be transitioning into V2. What exactly does this mean?

The Original Underground, V1, was supposed to be the tech nerd’s home. The place to be for all tech things, for good information difficult to find elsewhere. Deviations from new authors changed the style of things, and The Underground rose into the clouds (take this as you will).  V1 will remain as such. V2, however, will be The True Underground. At least, we hope it will be. All tutorials, information, things that we worked to find out and posted for your pleasure. Of course, this will all be hosted on an external source using cool plugins of all sorts. At the end, when we run of out hosting space or renewal time has come, we will move all the information back here, to V1, mixing the Original and the True Undergrounds. Which makes the Trorginal Underground I guess.

I don’t have favorite posts like Versatile does, simply because each and every post was written with the same drive and intent that drives us and it is the same drive and intent that I use every time. Tops posts are easy to see on the side.

I want to vow to whoever is reading this that V1 will continue to be supported by us. That we will post everyday, even while working on V2. But as time permits, this might be something I will be forced to break. So until Versatile and I come to consensus over this, I can’t promise anyone anything, except that we will continue to help those who post comments and questions, and send us emails.

Hopefully, we will find new bloggers who want to help us out. We know that it’s hard to write something everyday if you lack ideas. But we don’t want this place to die out while we promote V2. If you’re interested in helping out here instead of running your own blog or something, please post here. And be serious, because we will haunt those who pull a GN or act a Music on us.


Posted on October 1, 2008, in News. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. As stated in my previous postings, I am going to leave my era of daily postings for V1, and just post when I feel is right.

    Focus is on V2, but I’m not forgetting the user base on V1. Thank you.

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