Would You Cheer On a Suicidal Person To Die?

This is 17-year-old Shaun Dykes.  On September 30th, he was trying to commit suicide by hanging on a side of a bridge and tempting to jump off.  Police tried to persuade him not to do it, but even worse, a large crowd came along and was even cheering him on to jump!  Most of the crowd were punk ass teenagers, and they said things like “Get on with it!”.

What is even sickening is that after 3 hours, he did jump to his death.  Then the teenage crowd push through the police line to take pictures of the event on their cell phones.  Seriously, WTF!

Is this what the world is succumbing to?  This is a newfound evil, I swear.  Unfortunately, no one from the crowd was charged with any offenses.  The police is sick to their stomach on this, and I would too.  Good thing I don’t live in the UK.  What a bunch of bastards. :0

What do you think?  Why is our society so messed up?


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  1. I just don’t get what’s so fine about somebody doing a suicide…
    I mean, I’m not an angstboy or anything, y know, but still…
    People are sick.
    Especially british people.
    I mean, first, the accent ond now, this kinda things!
    Finalnd FTW! 😀

  2. I’m tempted to make an entire post on this, but that’s counter-productive.

    I find your attitude towards the British most revolting! This kinda thing happens everywhere. It STARTED in America actually, and smells badly of 4chan. Anyone reckon this guy lost his iPod? 😉 Seriously though, you say: ‘Good thing I don’t live in the UK’? Wtf man, that’s just not cool! It’s not like this happens every day over here.

    I must say that it’s out of order though, these people need help not goading. They’re fucked up for thinking suicide is right imo, but everyone gets to that stage, or close to it, in their life. Of course the attitude of the children here was out of order. But that’s human nature unfortunately, and it can be seen right through history. This isn’t anything to do with ‘today’s society.’ So don’t panic, you’ll be okay 😉

    Anyway, let me try out my Finnish

    Yksi olut kiitos!

  3. Shaun Dykes, what a name, lol! I blame his parent, grand parents, great grandparents, great great grand parents…

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