Family Video – Free Video Rentals From Oct. 17th to Nov. 17th!

I am a huge supporter of Family Video, and I believe they are the BEST video rental store ever.  Forget Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and the rest.  I’ll tell you why Family Video is so awesome.

  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday is something called a midweek promotion.  Rent any new release movie, and get any $1 movie for free.  Awesome!
  • There is a 2 for 1 section of the store.  Here movies are .50 cents each, and get two of them for a $1. Great deal, great movie selection.
  • There is a “Favorites” section of  the store, where the movies in that section are $1 only.
  • The kids section are all free movies.  Kids movies are FREE!  Great for the family.
  • If you are a new family video member, the first 30 days every single rental is HALF OFF!  With that said, you could get 4 movies for a $1.  Blockbuster can’t match that!!!!  Muahaha.
  • In the video game sections, if you rent a “new release” game, you can get any $1 game for free!
  • Refer a friend to the store, and you get a movie credit to your account.  Your friend gets half off, so let him treat you out.
  • You can pay $9.95 to get a half-off card all video rentals for a whole month.  This is a good deal if you rent a lot of movies.

The killer feature of all is now this special 30th anniversary.  The terms are you can only select movies from the “2 for 1” section, limit of 2 movies per family per visit.  If you go there every single day, thats 60 movies!!!!

Get a friend to join you, and now thats 2 multiplied by X amount of people = total movies on hand.  Muahahah.

Now if you are tech savvy, you could abuse the system and somehow copy these movies (that’s frickin’ illegal), but I’m just saying that it could be done.  Get a “syndicate” going with other people, and damn, you got your own underground library.

We do not condone piracy, and it is definitely illegal to make copies of movies you don’t own so don’t.  However, we are not going to lecture you, so if you want to be the risk taker, then so be it.  Godspeed in your journey.

I know I will be visiting my Family Video now a lot more often these next thirty days.  Will you?  Share your fond Family Video memories here with fellow movie viewer aficionados.


Update Oct 17th:  Just got back from Family Video and here are the first 2 videos I snagged:

Silver Hawk

Movie 1: Undertow, Movie 2: Silver Hawk

Update: Oct 19th:

End of Days, Assault on Precinct 13

End of Days, Assault on Precinct 13

I probably will not do an everyday kind of thing, maybe every 2-3 days I will go back and see what is left over.  I was talking to the clerk, and he said the checking out rate was insane.  160 rentals per half hour.  LOL!  By the time I come back, there will be nothing left.  I sure hope not!

Do you want to compete in this game?  Go to family video, send me your picture of your rentals, and we’ll see who has the most at the end of the month. Good luck!

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  1. Are you a family video user? Not sure if there is one by your house? Go to and use the locator!

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