I Knew It! – Walmart Employee Trampled to Death on Black Friday


Every black friday is crazy I tell you.  No, I did not go to black friday this year, as I didn’t have a need and I knew it was going to be crazy.

In the past, there have been instances where walmart employees greeting at the door gets hurt by the crowd, and this year I predicted something would happen and it did!

What happened this year is a guy got trampled by over 200 people in the crowd, and yes he didn’t make it.  See the youtube video below on the news:

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  1. OH GOD …. that’s tragic !!! … they show this kind of stuff in cartoons and Movies … but this is the first time i am hearing about employees die in real life

  2. I am sure there are lots of news stories or videos on this. Damn, 2009 was a better year than 2008 for me for sure!

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