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I am so sorry to everyone in charge of this blog [And the readers] for my blatant disregard of regular updating. I just have too much going on in my life at the moment. Fortunately I am now announcing that I will be posting every wednesday, starting next wednesday. If you guys like my posts I may even do Sundays as well.

Ok onto today’s topic.

I wasted 4 years on this game, and all I got was this Lousy sword

I wasted 4 years on this game, and all I got was this Lousy sword

Ok. MMORPGs. Or to be more accurate, just MMOGs. The RP bit of this games has died a bit. I personally play 3 at the moment, and have played every major one released since WoW and also quite a few free ones.

I have never gotten to the end of one. My attention span is too short.

Now I’m sure you ALL know of MMOs and alot of you probably hate them, and you’re right to. They’re a waste of time, and a waste of money. They’re addictive and, quite honestly, bad for your health.

MMOs feature a persistent world where your character is permanent, and you can help change the course of the game [Sometimes]. The reason it’s addictive is that you feel like a hero, and get to show this off to every other player out there. In this post I am going to describe why they’re addictive, why they’re TERRIBLE and compare the biggest and best ones out there.

World Of Warcraft has 10 million active players. That’s more people than those living in Belgium and Armenia put together. They have a bigger population than 2 countries in the UN. That is insane. If all the WoW players in the world seceded from their respective countries they would have enough manpower to make their own country [Which would likely be called Azeroth or something].

So, what is my point?

As a gamer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the growing power of MMORPGs. So I have turned to face the new age of gaming and embrace it.

But, just like sleeping with a sadist, it can be a painful experience. I love RPGs and these games fail to fulfill my roleplaying fantasies. All the major ones in the market fail to look after their target market and try to hard to pull others in. The only one that gets it’s target market is WoW, which targets idiots with too much time on their hands.

In this game you dont get to sleep with Arwen. What a rip off

In this game you don't get to sleep with Arwen. What a rip off

Lord of the Rings Online.

I actually currently play this. It’s a roleplaying dream. Faithful to the world it’s set, with stunning visuals, it’s perhaps the best MMORPG in the market today. And it’s the one game where I don’t want to hide my character’s horrific face with a helmet. I actually like my character. And I am getting more and more immersed in Tolkien’s world. The only problem is No Magic. Or at least you can’t use any as there isn’t a class called ‘Gandalf‘. So they are stuck. In their attempt to be faitful, they removed magic, and made a poor replacement known as Lore. It also lacks decent PVP.

All the Elves in this game have a stick up their own ass, and have helmets that look phallic.

All the Elve's in this game have a stick up their own ass, and have helmets that look phallic.

I also play Warhammer Online. I have some serious problems with this game, and the only reason I even have an account is because I like the game it’s based on. It is NOT an RPG. It is an MMO Fighting game. It is impossible to immerse yourself in this game. It’s just constant fighting with next to no story. The fighting is good though.

Its like the 18+ version of Lord of the Rings.

It's like the 18+ version of Lord of the Rings.

This could have been the best game EVER. Barfights, naked dancers, huge seiges, player made cities, and blood and gore. It is like the 18+ version of Lord of the rings in that it’s based off a book, and deosn’t pamper to the idea that only orcs are evil. In this game you can choose to be a right bastard and kill ever other player you ever meet. Unfortunately, due to broken promises and lies from Funcom [The producers, whom I have a love for because of the Longest Journey games] no-one trusts this game anymore. Also the visuals are too stunning, making it impossible to play this game as it’s meant to. I did play it and enjoyed it, but currently I don’t play it.

Like an anime. Thats the problem.

Like an anime. That's the problem.

This game….is toooooo long. It’s made for koreans, and as we all know Koreans lack souls and emotions. Westerners should avoid or risk becoming Zerg [Oh yeah I made a starcraft reference….Biatch!]

D&D for the MMO world

D&D for the MMO world

Simply too much stuff for a new player. Too many classes, races, missions, and stories to take the game seriously. I mean I have had a sony account for one year, and when I started this game I just spent one day in my apartment poking my pet Giant Carnivorous Plant. It’s simply too much to get into. A real timewaster, unless you ignore half the content and rush to the end of the game, which takes away from the whole experience

Taking over the world, 1 million people at a time.

Taking over the world, 1 million people at a time.

How do I put this…..just……..this game is THE MMORPG. I play it.  It’s not the best, but it’s impossible to flaw it in any way since it works so well. Even the worst computer can play it, but the visuals are stunning. The story isn’t bad, but it doesn’t lack huge player battles either. Blizzard have dominated the market, and know exactly how to stay on top. When one game says ‘Omg check out this cool thing we’re doing in our game’ WoW just puts it in theirs first. They have a huge, stunning world, with great environments. GG Blizzard….GG

In conclusion, I siggest try out WoW, AoC or Lord of the Rings if you want to try out an MMORPG.

If not just play Warhammer Online.


Pabswikk will be discussing the biggest war happening today!!!


Who will survive?!?

Who will survive?!?

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  1. I don’t know what you’ve got about Warhammer, it’s just you didn’t really go into it much. I’ve been playing it, the PVP is good, the story-line is decent enough. Just wondering what your beef was with it.

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