Do You Lead a Double Life?


I think this week I”m going to write a short series of random stuff on life, and what topic is more interesting than leading a double life?

What does it mean to lead a double life?  It’s very easy.  It is living a second life that you would not prominently display as your own in your everday actions.  Do not be fooled.  Living a double life can come in all shapes and sizes.  Below are some examples:

  • Student by day, drug dealer by night.
  • Soccer coach by day, pimp at night.
  • Business man by day, gambler at night.

This is just a short list, and of course not living a second life has to occur at night.  How many of us right now would say in public that piracy is bad?  *raises hand* With that said, how many of us practice in the art of piracy, while still knowing that it is bad?  *raises hand* Yup, a lot of what we do is contradictory I want to say.  There are tons of studies that show at least with the younger generation, a lot of them feel that downloading music for free is OK.  Of course, the argument is you wouldn’t steal an album from the store, so why download it?

The fact that a lot of things are digital, and the mentality that it is so easy to get drives off the morality factor for a lot of people.  I wasn’t going to buy that album, but I’ll download it anyway just because I can.

MP3 players are getting larger every year.  What percent of that Ipod hard drive is filled with pirated music? ;0  Yes, there are some honest people out there who use Itunes or whatever and purchase their music legally, but there is a large percentage that doesn’t.  If you want to support the artist, go to their concerts.

From a moral aspect, stealing is bad. End of story.  Yet you have bank robbers, shop lifters, identity theft, and the sort.  I’m sure these people know that stealing is bad, but engaging in criminal activities has huge benefits, right?

I am so sick of homeless people.  They lack the drive to become successful in life, and the “easiest” way to get by is to beg people for money and go to food shelters.

Last week I was at a gas station filling my car and I went inside to get a copy of my receipt.  When I was walking back to my car, I hear a voice: “Sir, do you have any change?”  I turn around, and here is this black teenager (probably 8th or 9th grade).  I am late for work, and I just stare at this kid in disbelief at what I just heard.  I just stared him straight down into his eyes for about 5 seconds, and then turn and continue walking to my car.

Yup, I didn’t say anything, but I should have.  Maybe something along the lines of :

“Yes, here is some change.”  Or “No, I don’t have anything to spare sorry.”  But I was just cold that day, so I said absolutely nothing and walked back to my car, although I was tempted to ask the kid if he should be in school (this was about 7:40am).  As I was about to enter my car, the kid had the nerve to ask again, but a little bit louder:

“Sir, you don’t have any change?” It sounded as if he was confused that someone would reject him?  The funny part of this story is that I did have some change in my car, but to hell with the kid.  He had to learn, and living the double life as a beggar was not the way to go.

Honestly, I felt bad as I drove away because I did have change, and I didn’t give any to him, or if I said something I might have lied, or maybe I wouldn’t.


So what is my point?  My point is a lot of us probably do not practice what we preach or what we believe in, and this may necessarily cause us to live a double life, whether we know it or not.

On the outside you may appear to be the “pristine” and “holy” student, but what we don’t see is you reading from Cliffnotes or cheating on exams/homework.  This is the double life.  This is the life where you can’t give it up, even if you want to because the results of your double life is much better than doing things the honest way in your primary life.

What is it about the double life that intrigues us?  Is it the experience?  The glory?  The thrill?  Or is it the fact that living a second life makes it all the more interesting?  Yours truly lives the double life.  By day I work at a professional job, and at night I work on this blog as an “underground” author.  In my spare time I may divulge myself in some underground activities, and certain items I wouldn’t share with my co-workers, especially the older generation.

For young people, engaging in “deviant” acts is more acceptable among your peers, but to your elders you wouldn’t dare say anything that would incriminate you because they can bag your ass. :0  We are living double standards, and it follows us whereever we go.


I don’t know where I want to go with this post, except I just wanted to make a point that many of the readers on this blog are living a double life at this instant.  Demonoid invite?  PS2 modding?  Porn links?  You just got caught red handed. Don’t worry, I won’t spill your secret, unless you want to in the comment section.

C’mon, am I the only one?  Leave a comment and tell us your story of your double life.


I'm sure this guy is leading a double life. Does he look like traditional begger?

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  1. I feel for you V1. I too live a double life. By day I am a college student, but by night I live a secret and glorified pirate life.

    I have tons of movies that I downloaded and PC games that I only play 10% of that it is just sickening. I guess I am a huge digital pack rat just because I can.

    In my group of friends, I am like God to them. However, if you dare try to explain your second life to those who do not partake in it, expect a bashing or even the wrong impression. Just be careful who you reveal you secrets to is all. 😛

  2. The only problem with leading a double life is that the darker one can take over without your full knowledge, bit by bit. Eventually it can strip you of your potential. Obviously I’m talking about double lives a bit more on the immoral side than simply pirating digital information.


    • I totally agree. Wither it is digital world, or a totally different double life, you have to take care, or it will take you down without you knowing it.

      Perception is believing they say.

  3. I like this article a lot.

    About the piracy-stuff:
    I personally would like people to support their “favorites” (regardless, if it is music, movies, software, print-media, or something else…), but I also disregard the fact that companies sue their own customers.

    I think, there are better ways to…
    1. make money with the right to publish the software/movie/music/stuff…, without just publishing the stuff itself, but with extras like a cool manual or a map of the city you play in, like in GTA, or even merchandise… (currently it is the reverse thinking, they follow… They even want to publish the software itself only now, through the net… It’s the wrong way people,… Maybe not the publishing over net and ‘on-demand’-thingy [I sincerly think the choise to do it that way is great for the customer], but that it is the only thing you get and pay for… For extendet support you have to pay again and again, where a group of people could come together and make it for fun&free, but those who want to do it for free are excluded from your system…)
    2. spare a lot of money, they invest into anti-copy-messurements (copy-protections, online-servers just for a copy-protection and that kind of stuff), campains,…
    3. Especially for music… Make concerts, like you said. 😉

    Those companies can do it a lot better with the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY.
    Hey Moneymakers! If you read this.
    Just think about your current thinking, what’s wrong with it and how you could make even more money with/while making the/your customer(s) even more happy.

    When I came to the scene and was a kid, I thought the same way…
    I copied it, because I could (much like a dog is licking it’s balls) and if I couldn´t it was even more interesting to make it run, so in turn you (companies which fighted their customers and “pirates”) are the people, which made “the scene” even possible.

    But it is very clear to me, that those companies need to learn from us (the customers). They do, in one way (for example occupy the homebrew-programms they fight against).

    A good example are the consoles and I’m sure the Homebrew-Scenes on those different closed hardwares will have a significant impact (on peoples thinking) not only on “the scene” itself, but also on the majority of people which get in contact with technology, thus the whole “society” we live in.

    I’m sure this world could be a better place for all of us, not excluding others from the society just because they did something, which is NOT stealing.

    Hell,… If you go to a ware-house and steal a trousers it is gone,… (a copy is a copy and not a “removal”, thus real stealing…)
    If I could scan the trousers in a big clothes-scanner and make an exact copy of it, I would… Except maybe for those, which trousers I love so much and have extra-money to spend for.

    Sorry, for all those typos and bad grammar.
    English isn’t my native language and I wrote this rant rather fast.
    If you still find some typos, you can have them. 😀
    Put it in a box, or create a new sentence with it. How ever you want,…

    best regards TnA

  4. Btw.: Best wishes for your E-Book. 😉
    I hope one, or two sentences inspired you a bit.

    Also your Videos are cool.

    Btw.2: Did you ever saw this youtube-video?

    Looks like a TV-Show. FMCB in TV. 🙂
    I’m lovin’ it (get I sued now, because I wrote a “protected sentence”?! lol).

    best wishes and regards TnA

  5. venomouswonder

    Wow, this post was published a VERY long time ago. Well, to be honest, I am still a big pirate, with movies, games, system modding, etc. Overall, I just hate paying for things, or doing things fairly.

    Just to see if I could, I hacked my teacher’s grade book, and I changed one of my test grades to 100%. Just to see if I could! I could still do it, it’s quite easy, but I choose not to, because the class itself is a blowoff class, so it’s unimportant.

    Other parts of a double life could possibly include parkour, which is the running on buildings and stuff. Mirror’s Edge, for example.

    It is mostly piracy that I do, but I don’t see much wrong with it. Is it wrong to steal? Yes. But it’s not like I’m stealing a physical object from the store. I am stealing a virtual copy, and it can be copied a million more times. Sure, I’m not buying it, but if I couldn’t steal it I wouldn’t buy it anyway. They’re not gaining money, at least not from me anyway.

    And your story about the beggar, I’m not sure I agree with it. You made your assumptions on the first five seconds you saw him, which isn’t fair. Sure it’s probably true that he actually was leading a double life, being a kid and a beggar, but what if he wasn’t? What if he IS a homeless child, and he needs that money so he doesn’t starve? Well then you would have felt like a jackass not giving him that money. It was mere petty change to you, but to him it could have meant a whole day’s meal.

    Plus, I’m sure everyone lives a bit of a double life! =)

    • Where I live, you know the beggars are not in it for the money. A real story a co-worker told me. When we was in Detroit, there was a beggar outside a gas station. My friend offered to buy him a sandwich, but the beggar flat out refused. He wanted cash instead to buy what? Booze!

      • venomouswonder

        Haha, funny story, because I live near Detroit. Horrible place; it is nationally known as the 3rd worst place on the planet! Crazy stuff, right? Yeah, I agree, probably most bums are just after money that they don’t need. It’s true; they just try to thrive on people’s well-being.

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