Scrubs Season 8 Episode 11, Episode 12 Download

We are going to try something new. For the rest of the final season of Scrubs, I’m going to post a direct download link of the new episodes. These links are found randomly on the internet, we do not personally have the original file. If you whine that it’s a copy right violation, go sue the internet.

500 views and no comments… Have you guys heard of thanks? lol.

The links will be up within a day of the airing time, and will only be up for 48 hours. After 48 hours, it will be taken down.

You’re going to have to check back regularly to see if a new link is posted.

Choose “free user” unless you have a paid premium account.

Edit: links removed until next air time.

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  1. I still support your actions. One of the things you have to learn around here is expect ingratitude from viewers. I have written hundreds of articles, and 80% of the time I get no comments, or if I do, its months later down the road.

    It is a hard journey, but just know that about 95% of the people visiting this blog are just trolls. ;/

  2. WOw just found this website, shame i missed the first few episodes, cant wait for the next. this is a great help since i cant watch them as they air, thnx for uploading

  3. Thanks alot man live in england so i cant watch the new series dying to see eps 5 and 6

  4. i’m from germany , can’t wait till ep 5 + 6 . Thanks alatte !

  5. thank you!!! Seriously. this is very very appreciated. Even from the people who do not express it. 😀

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