[Blog Update] Welcome to the New Underground Year

The new year has begun, and its time for a quick update from yours truly, Versatile1.  For 2009, I have some ambitious goals.  Don’t get me wrong, 2008 was a stellar year.  We had awesome tutorials for the console modding scene, as well as tutorials related to the Call of Duty Games.

Porn was a hot item, and everyone wants a piece of the action.  How will we top all that in 2009?  I’m not sure yet, to tell you the truth.  I am always looking for new authors, thats a given.

Demonoid is always a hot item, and people almost every single day are asking me for invites.

One of the new things I want to do this year is give our tutorials more of that “Underground Stamp of Approval”.  Therefore , any new tutorials or past tutorials will have a special “Underground signature” that will show:

1) Credibility

2) The tutorial works because the author has lived through it.

Other things I want to make more fun around here are the weekly polls.  On the right hand side, you may notice each week I got interesting questions.  If you look at the results, I think you may be surprised!  Seriously, who knew girls know how to pirate?

Pirate Girls Are Sexy?

Pirate Girls Are Sexy?

If you haven’t noticed, I have created for myself at least a custom avatar that says “Official Underground Author”. ALthough simple, it should let newcomers know who is an author on this blog and who isn’t.  Will the other authors follow my lead?  >_>  Well, that is up to them, right?

One of the major things I stopped doing last year was daily postings.  Although it was nice, I doubt many of you read them from day to day.  I’ve come to realized it is not about the quantity of posts, but about the quality and content of posts.  With that said, less posts, but more substance.

I am going to start up again the STD posts, or some variation of it.  I think we have lots of underground activity that I can get from other forums or from people in general that we can start sharing stuff on.

I hope 2009 will be an exciting year.  Of course, we need more tutorials on playing cracked games on hamachi and cheats becuase people seem to love them!

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