Making Windows XP Look Like Windows 7

Hey guys. It’s Voltaire. I’ve been a tad busy and I got sick recently. I’ve got a LOT of stuff to share, so I guess I’ll start here.

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend. People want to make XP look like Win 7 because of all the nice colors and whatnot. It looks nice, sexy, cool. It could breeze new life into you when you see it on XP. Whatever floats the old boat right?

Anyway, there are a LOT of methods out there.

First, you could use AskVG’s SevenVG Refresh theme. [Source]

I used that method and it is one of the easiest methods by far. The only problem I have is that it requires the installation of Styler and the taskbar is a bit big, but for the most part, it turns out pretty nice.

To go with it, you can install the Aero tools (Shake, Snap, and Peek). These aren’t officially by Microsoft, but they do give XP the Win 7 feel. The best one is really the Snap tool as the other ones aren’t really as economic. Reviews were mixed for Shake and Peek, so I didn’t try them, but Snap works pretty well.

If you want to do things manually, AskVG also has a multi-step guide for a true hardcore conversion. [Source]. A lot of this is done by the SevenVG Refresh theme, so really, it’s your call. But, the tutorial seems to be staying with the most recent updates to the Win 7 GUI, so it will give you more updated results. (Updated is relative here.)

A different approach called Seven Remix XP is a complete installer to theme up XP. It’s by NiwradSoft [Source]. The whole idea is that you can pick whatever options you want without hacking files yourself. I only found out about this today, so I haven’t tried it out, but it seems like it’s a pretty popular option to use. It was featured on Lifehacker and has a lot of positive reviews. It has a ton of cool stuff like bootscreens, wallpapers, the core theme, logon screens, and other hacked files.

WARNING: If you use launchy or google desktop, you might end up with some problems. This installer seems to move the shell32.dll and user32.dll files (and makes backups of them I guess). If you like launchy or gDesktop too much to lose them, this is not the method for you.

Niwradsofts Seven Remix XP

Niwradsoft's Seven Remix XP

Personally, this is all cool, but I didn’t really fall for it the first time around. I like my XP with my new Shadow theme with Fences. But the Win7 style certainly looks cool. If you could get the Aero tools, then it just might work perfectly. Or maybe it’s time to move on 😛

If you’ve already done this, or do it in the future, share what you did to apply some Win 7 to XP (or Vista).

Happy modding!


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