Living with a Netbook for a Month Experiment

This is an experiement that I conjured up a while back, but decided to implement it now.  The experiement is giving up my desktop PC in lieu of using my netbook ASUS EEE more.

The reasons for doing this now than previously before unfolds below as follows:

1) I found myself recently playing a lot of L4D and interacting with people on hamachi getting them up to speed and troubleshooting their issues.   This is great, but then again, it is eating away at my own free time. ;p

2) The desktop PC uses over 250watts of power.  My netbook only uses 23Watts.  If I use the netbook more, I can expect to see an increased amount of savings in my electric bill.

3) I really need to use my netbook more, and breathe life into it. My desktop PC was taking away time from my little tech toy. ;p

4)  It is the season of Lent, so I figured giving up my desktop PC at home would be perfect, since it is such a time waster in most instances.

5) Giving up the desktop PC will allow me to focus more on my readings and miscellaneous studies.

The list could go on and on, but those are the top 5 reasons why I am ditching the desktop PC for a whole month, and use time diligently on the netbook.  I almost contemplated not even installing any IM programs on the netbook, but realized this would make me very lonely as I sit here night after night in my apartment. ;0

Now using the netbook, I won’t be tempted to play games, or mess with creating additional youtube videos.  I’ll be answering questions, writing on the blog, listening to music, and etc., and my hope is after these 4 long weeks I will have a great story to tell in how I have used my netbook in interesting ways.

Consider this a journey for other netbook users to aspire to.  Now I know some people don’t even have desktop PCs in their homes, and all they use is laptops.  This is fine, but a laptop is very different than a netbook in the sense it is a very portable, light weight laptop with the leanness to them.

Can I do everything I do on my desktop on my netbook?  No, but I do spend 90% of the time on the computer on the net, so yes, this low cost solution of the netbook will work wonders for me.


It will be a long 4 weeks.  I may use hamachi briefly to clean out the L4D networks, but don’t expect me to stay on much to chat. ;p  Hopefully when I come back, I don’t find myself cleansed.

That is about it.  Wish me luck, and I’ll try to keep a weekly update of some sort on this journey.  The good news?  By the time I get back to my desktop PC, the new L4D DLC content will be available, and then for sure I will do some serious fragging!

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