[Ask V1] Issue #2

Almost every week I post your questions with my answers. If no one submits a question, then I will make up my own question so that people can learn.

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Question 1: This question is from EvilEvil:

How do I find the DVD blank media class?

I think this question maybe related to ps2 modding?  Reason I ask is because ps2 blank dvd discs require a certain class media to play well with the last.  If you have a ghetto blank dvd brand like Princo, then you are wasting your time.

For PS2 games (and possibly xbox 360), you want the best media which is first class.  There is an excellent guide here.

Question 2: This question is from Lara:

haiii! 🙂

why im banned at    L4D 09    Network?! =/

did I dooooooooooo someeeeethiiiiiiiing wroooooooooooong?!?! >.< XD

First of all I am not owner of that network.  Ray-Z owns it.  Did you not play nice?  I have no idea why you were banned or kicked out, sorry.

Question 3: This is from alexuxs:

What is the meaning of life?

Well, it depends on what you want to do.   To me, the meaning of life is to live out your dreams. You are born as a baby, go to school (hopefully), earn a degree, make a living, have a family, and etc.  This is what many of us do.  In a grand scheme of things, it sort of sucks because we have to work to live, but that is how things go these days.

When you are not working or going to school, you should be having fun. Get a hobby. Find out what makes you happy and there you shall seek your answer.

Or the answer is 42.  Your pick.

This is enough questions for this week. Next week I will answer another round of questions. I hope that guys have something more interesting, as this is weak sauce. ;0

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  1. The meaning of life: Survive and replicate, in that order. Simple, yet complex at the same time. Because many things indirectly influence one (or both) of these main goals. Eg. survival also means just living, and “we have to work to live”.

    And the most important thing in life? Winning. Again seems simple. Unfortunately it’s also complex :). Winning doesn’t really mean winning that argument, a game, bla bla. It means getting what you want (“live out your dreams”), and keep trying no matter what. This essentially (as a man) improves your replication value for woman. If you can accomplish your dreams you’re doing something right. Meaning you probably have good genes, etc 😉

    That’s the extremely short version. And hey Versatile!

    • @Omega: Your presence and your wisdom is always welcomed here.

      You are correct about the simplicity of life. Survival and replication. Survival has the most basic needs of food and water. To do this, you need to buy food, which then means you need money. To have money, you need a job. To get a job, you need an education (depending), and then there are other factors to help you out but you get my drift.

      Life is simple yet complicated at the same time.

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