Excel – Removing Passwords from Excel Protected Sheet or Workbook

Last week I had a spreadsheet with some data from a previous co-worker.  Unfortunately, he had password protected the spreadsheet, and I needed to look at his formulas to understand how he created his spreadsheet.

But I didn’t know what the password was!  After a painful few tries of trying to guess the password, I went to google and did some searching.  What I found was unbelievable.  This one guy created a free Xcel plugin that will remove the password from a protected worksheet and workbook!

I installed the plugin, and gave it a test run.  It came with two new options (Unlock worksheet and unlock workbook) underneath the Tools menu.  I ran it and within 10 seconds it said “Success!”

Guess what?  It frickin’ worked!  I was able to access the hidden data and see the formulas. ;0  My boss was so impressed that day, lol.

Check out the magical excel plugin here.

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