Ask The Underground [Issue 2]

Hello everyone! We’ve been getting some questions recently, so I decided to post some of the answers I’ve written down. If your question wasn’t answered, please email me so I can get cracking on it right away. I might not have seen it or something and I apologize for that.

1) I can’t get quickfreedom to recognize the libusb program it keeps saying not installed. Any ideas? – Jamie

Try reinstalling QF and then reinstalling LIBUSB. Also try restarting the pc after the install. A manual attempt at installing LIBUSB before using QF wouldn’t hurt either. That’s my best guess, I’m pretty sure this bug was being worked on, so check the QF site again. – Voltaire.

2) What is an easy way to find free music online? – Punditstyle

Yes. First, there are many ways, most of which are illegal. The first way is to use a P2P program like LimeWire or FrostWire to get any music quickly. These programs are fast and easy to use if you are hunting for single songs. The next way is to use warez sites like warez-bb to download albums. This can be fast depending on where the file was uploaded and if the file is popular enough to be posted on the forums. You can also use sites like, The Pirate Bay, Demonoid, etc. to torrent songs. Most of the time, you will find full albums. These are the fastest ways to get songs now that Ruckus has been pulled offline. The best way is probably just to buy it. Free music isn’t exactly legal anyway, and we don’t want to promote illegal activity. – Voltaire.

3) I am in need of serial keys for random software or games I have. Any thoughts on how I can do this using the Internet? – EasyPickenz

Well, there are many ways to get the serial key you need. For this answer, I’m going to assume that you own the software and just lost the key for it. Otherwise, you’d be doing something illegal, and we wouldn’t want that now would we ;-). First, you can always try plain Googling. Sometimes you can get lucky and find something helpful. Versatile got a Starcraft key that way last year. A site I recommend is This place has keys for so many programs, it’s crazy! You can check it out and see if you get lucky enough to find a working key. Most of the time, you will get a key that will allow you to validate the software but not use it only. So if you have a game, you probably won’t be getting online on legit servers, you’ll have to join an underground network on Hamachi. Another way to get a key is to just go to a warez site (warez-bb) or a torrent site (Demonoid, The Pirate Bay, etc.) and check around for the program. People might post the key by itself, or you might have to download the entire package, but if you own the software, this shouldn’t be much of an issue as you can select to download only the file containing the key. Look around for keygens (key generators), but be careful! Many of these are picked up by AV scanners, so make sure that the keygen isn’t a virus by reading comments. – Voltaire.

4) I want nfs underground2 serial keys right now! – PRAFUL ROZAR JOHN

Woah there cowboy! All good things come with patience. Read number 3 and you’ll get your answer. My pro tip? Buy it.  – Voltaire.

Alright, that’s the round up! Hopefully I’ve helped out, if not, just post a follow up and I’ll keep hunting for your answer.


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