Happy Easter!


The Underground Staff (or what is left of it) wishes everyone a happy Easter!

If you want a good movie to watch, I recommend Donnie Darko.  Let me know what you think of the bunny, it should be a good surprise.  Muahahah.

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  1. heh, i’m still around.
    my tutorial is coming along nicely… albeit it’s really long.
    oh well.

    almost our 2nd year in existence! onward I say!

  2. Ha Ha, Donnie Darko probably the first movie Jake Gylennal ever appeared in. I know for a fact that this movie has a very strong cult following but as for myself I haven’t seen that movie in about 10 years. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the evil bunny supposed to represent the dark side of Jake’s character through out the movie. We should ask others what they think about the bunny and what it represents too them in the movie. Just a thought it would be funny to see what other’s think about the movie and the bunny itself.

    P.S. The new banner could be spruced up alot by changing the color of the title and the floating words it (experiment with different colors for the text and the banner would be aces in my book)

    The Underground’s top viewer your pal, Hail2King

    • I’m sure you are. I thank you for your daily support. The banner is still a work in progress. I myself am not a fan of this banner, it is solely a Voltaire creation.

      Next week hopefully the new banner will be up.

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