Ogerlauncher – Offline Modus Error? [Fix]


Update 4-21-09:  Added Youtube Tutorial! Also updated instructions for Vista.

Did you try to use ogerlauncher recently, only to find that you get this “Offline Modus!” upon running it?

It turns out this is a fault of bad programming, as the program is looking at a specific mysql database on the ogerlauncher website that doesn’t exist.  However, there is a fix!

If you are using XP:

Go to start -> run -> cmd.

Type “echo datenklo.org >> %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” (without the quotes).  Press enter.

Launch ogerlauncher and it will work.

If you are using Vista/Windows 7:

Same idea as above except you need to run notepad as an administrator.  Then you need to navigate to your Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.  Remember to make the drop down box select all files. Open the hosts file and add the line below: datenklo.org

See screenshot for clarification, and watch video at end of post for more clarification.


Save the host file and run ogerlauncher.  It will work!

The ogerlauncher creator guy is making a patch and will have a new ogerlauncher soon, hopefully.

You will see a message about a new update.  Skip it!  It is a side effect of the program.

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  1. Wow, Versatile1, you are quick too find the solution to this problem. Recently I’ve been letting my little brother use my computer to play L4D and using ogerlauncher and when he showed me this problem 3 days ago I thought that he did something to mess it up. So I searched everywhere for a solution too this problem and last night I checked your page(as I usually do) and bam here it is and it works great. Thank you so much for the help in figuring out a tricky fix so quickly.

    Also 1 more question for you, since I changed my hamachi appdata and have the non-commercial version now and I can’t accept anymore people in my network, I used to have 50 people and now it’s down too 35 and when new people try and join it tells them the network is full. If there is a way too get my network back too how it was before I would really appreciate the advice and help.

    Your Friend in L4D,

    • Hail, do not be fooled. Hamachi Premium cannot be faked. I’ve watched the youtube videos on how supposedly you can extend your membership but that is a lie.

      The only way to get back to premium hamachi is to make a new hamachi account with new IP address and start over again (needs verification).

      I, am stuck with the non-commericial version. The only way to get people back into the network is to reduce your network size from 35 down to 16. To get more people into the network then, you can have only a maximum of 16 people. This is why The Underground has so many networks (the Voltaire ones were against my original plan, but now its not a bad idea in retrospect) so I can shift people around as necessary.

  2. hey man, this doesnt work for me.. I have vista and the first solution doesnt work, but when I try to do the other one, It seems that I cant save the file. A message pops up and says:

    “Access denied to C:\Windoys\System32\drivers\etc\host.”

    help, pleaseee 😦

  3. sorry, forgot to say that.. when I try to do the first solution, It says ”Access denied”

    but, thanks anyway.. great work 🙂

  4. oh, I didn’t thought about doing the cmd.exe thing as an admin.. I’ve did it, and it seems to work in that moment, but when I open Ogerlauncher it says that Offline message..

    AND when I try to do it the other way, I see that the ‘ datenklo.org’ line, its already there :S

    theres a screenshot :/

  5. hey, hey hey!, I could do it.. the mistake was that i was typing ‘>>’, not ‘»’ lol, well thanks man.. you saved my life 😛

  6. it worked.. but still, I could’t play ’cause a message error said ‘Steam is not running. You need steam in order to play this game’.. but ogerlauncher is working, so thanks!! 😛

  7. yep, its already updated to u__u

  8. hey, finally I could host the game.. dunno how I did it.. I just reinstalled the game and updated again. But.. there’s something that bothers me.. It’s the main menu..

    you see.. normally it says

    Play Campaing
    Play Versus
    Play Single player

    but no!, just when I updated, my main menu its sorta like this:

    #L4D360IU_Single player

    or something like that.. besides, the names of the
    characthers are no longer ‘Bill’, ‘Louis’, ‘Zoey’ or ‘Francis

    now are ‘anim_namvet’, ‘anim_teenangst’ ‘anim_biker’

    dont remember how louis is called..

    it doesn’t affect gameplay, but is kinda annoying.. but anyway,
    thanks for everything man, without you I’ll be stuck on single player, lol


  9. ahmm.. nope. I dont exactly know which one I have, caues a friend of mine game me the dvd with the ISO file inside 😛

  10. It says to me “mysql or internet problems, other players will not be able to see this server with the launcher”
    What is this?
    Can i connect without this after those updates?
    thankz man..

  11. New video added. Watch and clear up the confusion you guys may have had.

  12. Charles Dickens

    Awsome!! TY!!

  13. Firstly, thanks for providing all this help- really helped a lot! I fixed the offline modus error with the vista solution, and it worked great. But after one game, when i tried to get back into Ogerlauncher, it said offline again! I looked in my hosts file and the 84.38….etc was all there… any help would be appreciated

  14. wait, nevermind- it randomly started working again! sorry about all that :p

  15. Hey Versatile,

    I am running XP. When I type in your set of instructions into CMD and press enter, it says “access is denied”

    I then proceeded to attempt this via the other method but when I press save after adding in the line, a save as popup always comes up and only gives the option of saving it as a txt file – not actually adding the line into the original hosts file.

    Also, I am running as administrator.

    Got any suggestions as to how to tackle this bad boy?


    • Hail says that the ogerlauncher doesn’t work with the newest survival update. Oh boy. Learn to host manually. Ogerlauncher is a nice “tool”, but I think you are better off learning how to host manually.

      Honestly, I do not have that “access is denied” error, and I am admin on XP too. In short, I don’t know what the answer is. Would you be willing to explore other hosting methods?

  16. Sorry to say this too everyone but Ogerlauncher no longer works with the new survival mode patches. Everyone on Hamachi will have too learn the manual method of hosting for now or until the maker of Ogerlauncher releases an update. Check on versatile’s page for the manual instructions on how too host or join a game.

  17. Ok gents after 12 agonising hours i finaly made it. First its nice to have friends who made that host file change. Then just ask them to e-mail them to you (if you want i can),(it is not important is it vista or xp). Then you change original host file at: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Then you switch on ogerlauncher, change in options the “HL2.exe” file to “Left4Dead.exe” and that should work. Now you should be able to host games.

    ********Tested on, Standalone 1.17, windows XP SP3***************
    (Host file taken from Vista SP1)

    PS. Hi Hail2King

  18. I put Ogerlauncher to work last week and it has been working perfectly, until yesterday… since yesterday it gives me the offline modus error even though i have the ip fix, and i checked firewalls etc. I only use it to join servers but now i can’t see them. Im using vista sp2 and i am the admin. Any help?

    • I really don’t know. I didn’t think ogerlauncher would work past the version 11 for left for dead.

      There is nothing wrong using the console to connect to games, or hosting games. In fact, it might be even faster!

  19. it’s not about creating servers. it’s about finding them. i don’t know any site that shows hamachi l4d servers.
    anyways i asked some friends and they seem to get the offline modus too. maybe it’s the host that is offline and prevents us from connectiong and finding servers. i’ll let you all know when it works again ^^

  20. i’m getting the offline modus error as well…everything was up and running until this weekend…Hosts file update, firewall everything…guess Ogerlauncher host is offline?

    • This is the exact reason why we should not depend on ogerlauncher. If the game updates and the programmer doesn’t want to update his program, then it is going to break like you guys have told me.

      There is nothing wrong playing on garena, or if you want servers, then you can go to http://www.epcgaming.com and check out their L4D list.

  21. Hey Versatile, i have a problem, i have the XP and the first time i tried it, it worked perfect!! (tkx) after a week i tried to launch it again and never worked again, im still having that trouble, close steam, update hamachi, nothing works.

    I’d be glad been helped.

    • I will repeat myself once more:

      “This is the exact reason why we should not depend on ogerlauncher. If the game updates and the programmer doesn’t want to update his program, then it is going to break like you guys have told me.

      There is nothing wrong playing on garena, or if you want servers, then you can go to http://www.epcgaming.com and check out their L4D list.”

  22. hey i have a problem when im connecting to a game l4d pops up and i can se the loading screen but after a few seconds it go’s back to the main menu and in the console it says Cannot send to client info with NULL XUID!
    Anyone have an idea what to do ?

  23. Hi! I have tried it and it worked. The problem is that after I made a format of my computer and installed L4D again, after changing the hosts file I still have that problem “Offline modus!” and I dunno what’s wrong :<

    Any solutions?

    My OS is Vista 64bit

  24. it’s nor work in win7?????????
    plz help

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