Underground Blog – Fun Facts #1


I was going to write a more serious post, but this one was much easier to write in the same amount of time.

Our viewer community base is growing, and much of that I can thank to youtube, google, and our random tutorials on all sorts of topics here.  I really have to thank Valve and Infinity Ward for their amazing PC games, they really have brought traffic here to the blog, as well as given us the writers ideas to engage the mass community.

To poke some fun around here, here are some fun facts about this blog:

Fact #1: “Welcome to the Underground” was not the original name.  In fact, I had a tough time figuring out a suitable name for the blog back in April of 2007.  I wanted the blog to be about “underground” technology information and tutorials to bring to the “average joe”.  I had ideas like “The Underground”, “The Mole”, “What’s in the Sack”, and more.

At the end, I needed a name that represented underground, but not be too contrived or too abstract.  In the end, I decided “Welcome to the Underground” has a very friendly approach and it was not very specific as to what the blog was about.  This way we had more leeway here on the blog to write on a variety of topics.

Fact #2: The underground does not have a mascot.  Seriously though, if I had to pick an underground mascot, who would it be?  Badger?  Turtle? Worm?  Mole?  There are many different types of animals and insects that lives underground.  If I had a choice and had to pick an official Underground mascot, it has to be the platypus.  When was the last time you saw a platypus?  Exactly.

Per request, I present the Tonberry!!!!

Fact #3: The name Versatile (sometimes known as Versatile1) was deliberately chosen.  When I first picked this blog to write for, I needed a badass name.  I needed something catchy, yet memorable.  A name that stands out, and actually meant something.  I wanted to be a person who knew a little bit about everything and an expect at nothing (well, I know some things more so than others hehe).  The word Versatile just jumped out at me, because that meant I was flexible and could do an assortment of things, so it stuck.  Versatile1 became the blog url because “versatile” was taken I believe, and the “1” was just a great pun.

On youtube, I went as versatileninja (awesome name) and then it eventually became my email alias.

Fact #4: Girls do visit this blog.  I wrote a blog on porn once, and this lady came on bashing us for giving links so that her husband can fool around when she isn’t around.  Well guess what ladies, guys love porn.  End of story.

Fact #5: Girls engage in piracy, whether you believe it or not.  I didn’t believe it myself, but look at the poll below!

This is enough of the fun facts.  More to come in future editions. ;0

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  1. It’s obvious that your mascot would have to be a Tonberry. No arguments allowed.

    And lol @ the angry wife, good times!

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