We are the Change in this Small World


Over the past few months, lots of people have come across this blog and said what they needed to say here, which include stories, questions, flames, spam, comments, more questions, sarcastic comments, humorous posts, and thanks.

When this blog started back  in April 2007, I didn’t think much of anything really.  When I finished college and started working, I had more time to really fine tune the blog, and setup some personal goals article wise.  I have hit perhaps 60% of what I wanted to write personally, and then with the addition of Voltaire we were able to increase our viewership even more!

We had always figured that yes that this blog would help people out with their own situations in their lives.  This is clearly evident once you realize how many people are asking for help for modding their PS2, playing games off of USB on the PS2, or even asking for demonoid invites to enrich their digital lives.  Once we got other authors to join on board and start writing on Call of Duty and jailbreaking items, then things really got interesting. ;0

Below is ONE of many sample emails that hit my inbox in regards to Demonid.  This is from a person named “Debbie”:

“I’ve been hoping to get a Demonoid account for years but I’ve never been able to get one.  I would be eternally grateful if you sent me an invite code.  Thank you for what you’ve been doing for those who haven’t been able to get an account yet.”

Can you belive it?  Years to get a demonoid account?  Here we are conducting this demonoid ring, and I have tons of volunteers lined at my fingertips that I can call upon for some invites.  I send out invites within 24 hours, and people are SURPRISED to receive an invite so fast!

It’s as if the answer to their long journey has finally ended, and we helped them get to it.  I take no credit for any of this.  The funny part is that I nor anyone else is obligated to anyone here on the Internet day after day to answer questions or help out with misc troubleshooting tasks, but yet we do it. Why?  Because we are firm believers in the distribution of free information and how people need to stop behaving as tools and start learning for themselves.

Here we are two years later.  Did the blog accomplish a lot?  Oh hell yea.  Did I ever think I would branch out onto YouTube two years later?  Nope, but now look where I am at.  My L4D tutorials and PS2 tutorials are the latest craze on my account, and this is just the beginning.

All right Versatile, where are you going with this long rant? >_<

In the grand scheme of this, this Underground blog is just a small fish in the sea.  Literally, there are thousands upon of thousands of wordpress blogs, and lets not forget the other kind of blogs out in the Internet!  It is simply mind boggling. Yet, through search engines, somehow you guys come and find this blog and find the information that you are seeking for.  It is just incredible, and for every person that we help from this blog, it was well worth the time and effort constructing the articles and replying to comments every day.

At the very beginning, I was very happy to break 100 hits a day.  I did it.  Then the goal was 200, 300, 400.  More authors joined on board like Voltaire.   Now look at our stats.  We almost break 4k hits a day on average!  Holy crap.  I never thought we would get this popular. Ok, we are not breaking the 10K like some other blogs, but I don’t care anymore.  If 4,000 hits happen on this blog, that is roughly 4,000 people (ok maybe not but close enough) that we are indirectly helping.  This is badass!


(The dip in hits is due to wordpress accidentally blocking our blog)

Indirectly through this blog, I am sure I have inspired many of you to do things you never imagined.  I know one of you guys are already working on a blog because you were inspired from this blog.  I didn’t think we had the power to inspire, but evidently we do.  I shouldn’t be surprised though, I almost expected this to happen. ;0

Once again, thank you all for visiting.  We are always looking for new authors to come on board and make a difference, no matter how big or small.  If this sounds like the right time for you to jump on the bandwagon, post a comment or email us.  Thanks!!!!

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  1. I’m pretty sure things started really rolling along when I joined the bandwagon! Don’t forget that! XD

    • Post updated to reflect more details.

      Of course, I suppose I can say whatever I want about the other guys since they hardly read this blog, is that correct then?

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