Personal Experiences Week

These past few days I’ve done a lot of listening, whether it was friends, family, or just people I interact with on the internet.  What I’ve come to realize is that everyone has a story to tell from their own personal experience.

Don’t you hate it when you are at a social gathering, and you are about to tell a story and then your friend or perhaps your Mom or girlfriend jumps in and takes over the story and finishes it for you?

Or better yet, you are telling about a project you did at school or work and you said “I did this and I did that” only to have your colleague nudge you to say “No, he meant we did this and that …”.  So you just blush and continue right?  Or do you start to collect resentment?

In today’s world, to succeed you need to know how to be a team player, which I strongly believe in.  However,  one thing that is never expressed enough is sincere gratitude, or a time to speak about your OWN accomplishments and have others congratulate you about it.

Everyone is so eager to stomp on other people’s accomplishments.  Doesn’t that seem sort of degrading?  It does to me.  Is it because the other guy did something great and because you didn’t do it yourself you try to find reasons to bash the other guy down?  How great would it be if people put their personal pride aside, and just accept others for what they are and for what they did.  Nothing more, and nothing else.

I’m sure during the past few years here I am found guilty of accidentally bashing others reputations.  Maybe because I’m burnt out from writing, or from work, or other various life commitments.  It has gotten better.

If you read one of my earlier posts, I had taken a 12 week Dale Carnegi course and after going through weeks of “personal stretching”, I’ve come to taken a different perspective on many things in life.  Hopefully, I can help each and every one of you understand the same approach.

Starting on Sunday, April 19th, through the end of Saturday, April 24th, I declare this week as “Personal Experiences Week”.

At the very least, expect an article from me each day talking about a particular experience or story that I want to share with you guys.  Sure, we may have other articles on tech or whatever, but at least one article a day will be something I am proud about and want to share.  To those who want to get ready and chew me apart, go ahead. I’m not going to respond back and “argue” because its not worth it.  Pretty soon you’ll see it will become a one sided argument where the initiator will in the end want to swallow his words and take back what they said.  Or maybe not.  It’s their conscience, not mine. :0

I don’t care what you guys think about me, because in the end, its how I feel about myself that makes the difference in the world.  You are not Versatile, because I am.  Learn to free yourself and live a little guys.  Set aside your personal grudges and views and keep an open mind.

Oh and of course, any of the other Underground Authors are more than welcomed to write up their own posts for their self-proclamation. It can be their own tutorial, guide, story, personal experience, or whatever.   I promise I’ll be quiet.  If they don’t bother in writing anything at all this week, that’s OK too.  I’ll remember not to keep it against you because its not worth keeping grudges inside anyway.

Enough, let the personal experience week begin

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