Adult Entertainment – A Shunned Industry


This will be an interesting week indeed.  If you ever watched the movie “Minority Report”, you got Tom Cruise looking at all the monitors and he has to figure out which screen to focus on to catch the bad guy?  I’m in the same position in that I have all these ideas and I had a hard time focusing on which one to pick, but with last weeks polls the choice was quite clear.  This is story #1…

All right, let’s first take a results of the polls, shall we?

From the first poll out of 37 votes, the majority vote was option number 3.  A lot of you guys don’t really care what happens on the blog, and if the Underground chooses to put up provocative material, it is our choice, and not yours.

In a sense, this is true.  We are the ones writing the articles, so we can post whatever we want without your permission.  I had predicted that option number 3 may win and it did.

Now lets look at the second poll:

Here 34 votes were sent in.  I checked the 2 votes under “Other” and their responses was really bogus responses, like “KFC” and “I think the chicken or the egg came first”. Seriously, either answer the poll or don’t bother answering at all.

In general, we can see a few of the voters were against the blog from contributing to adult entertainment, but the majority more or less said to go with it, as long as it is not the main focus of the blog, which it really isn’t.

I was sort of surprised to see the results.  I thought more people would lose respect for the blog if we ventured into this area, and although some did, the majority of you felt it was OK to look into this.  It is very interesting to see how times have changed. Back in early 90’s and before, Playboy magazines and the like were king of the world.  Now the Internet comes and people can look at this stuff for free pretty much without paying a dime.  Amazing times we live in, right?

Anyway, those are the polls, and you can see for yourself how your fellow viewers think of the subject material.

For the record, these polls were from my own mind.  No one had told me to do this, nor the other authors.  This was purely from my own creation.  So why do I want to venture into this shunned area?  Out of all the things in the world, why would I consider one more article to give fame to the Adult Industry?

This is a very good question, and I’m not sure if I can give you a straight answer to this question because there are many layers to this question.

In the bible, there is a story about Adam and Eve, and how God told them not to eat the forbidden fruit.  By not eating it, they were given eternal life.  However, the Snake told them of the power of eating this Apple, and how it will give them more power than they could ever imagine.  They ate the apple, God got super pissed, and that is why we are mortal human beings. XD

Pornography or the adult entertainment in general is exactly like that, the forbidden fruit.  I know a lot of you grew up in religious families or have a religious background.  I’m sure in those circles you were taught that naughty things are not supposed to be looked at or thought about because that is the work of the devil, corrupting our minds and our souls.

Yet here I am, on the fence, debating whether or not to share another piece of Underground knowledge that I had acquired in my digital journey.

There are so many pros and cons to feeding you guys the information that I know.  The obvious reason to continue to write a post is the page views.  I know people love porn.  Men of all ages love porn, even myself.  Say what you want ladies, but I know deep down inside all men at one point or another is always thinking about it.

I don’t know exactly why.  It must be wired into our bloodstream and something about the female existence that men crave because we don’t have it ourselves? According to my good friend Omega, he would probably answer that men think about sex because of our internal drive to spread the “seed”, procreate, and to grow mankind.

You could also argue that it would be easy to not give in, because all I would be doing is giving guys new found knowledge to satisfy their hunger. ;-0  Is that wrong?  If I don’t do anything, I’m sure the same people will just use Google and find whatever they can to satisfy their need.

Even though I could help them find what they want in a better light and higher quality, despite it being something degrading (so to speak), isn’t that worth sharing?  After all, you got blogs advocating to tell people how to save money by downloading stuff from torrents, modding their consoles to play backed up games, or how to play cracked games online.  Oh wait, this sounds like a blog that I had created… ;-0

Already you can see that depending how you perceived the blog, already we are evil in that regards.  Providing information that makes your life richer, where in the grand scheme of things it helps or hurts the various industries.  *sigh* This is not as simple as you may have originally thought.

Damn you Versatile.  What’s your plan in regards to the response of the polls?

Let’s face it.  I hope I am not going to kick myself in head for this, but I am going to continue with the special adult erotica post, however, it will be done very discreetly.  How so?  Listen to the implementation.

Topic: A List of Free Streaming Videos for Adult Entertainment Seekers

Hold on, I can hear you already frothing at the mouth.  I am not going to make it that easy.  It’s true I have a form at the Sister Underground Site (I don’t make updates to that blog anyway so consider it dead) but I am going to discontinue it to support the implementation that I will do at this blog.  Instead, it will be a true Easter egg hunt.  Those who understand the clues will be rewarded with the list. ;0

How this will be implemented:

  1. The title of the post/article will be nothing related to porn or adult entertainment.
  2. The tags of the post will be nothing related to porn or adult entertainment.
  3. The content of the post will be nothing related to porn or adult entertainment.
  4. The post when published will not occur on the main page.  Instead, it will be published on a date in the PAST to make it harder to find.
  5. The post at the very least will have special instructions for the user to do.  Upon completion of the instructions, users are rewarded with the special list.  When you read the instructions, it will be clear to you that it is related to the special free streaming list, but only if you are sharp. If you are not sharp, then it will look like a regular un-ordinary list of instructions. 🙂

Man, that sounds like a needle in a haystack!!!

That is indeed correct.  I do not want to glorify the business, but those who find it are rewarded.  Or they can decide to say the hell with it and stop searching for porn (unlikely but it could happen).

The only tip I suppose I can give you is look at every single post since day 1, and analyze the posts to see if there is a secret agenda or not.  Don’t worry, I’ll let you know if the post is made yet.  No point in searching for something if it doesn’t exist!!!

Sorry for the long post. This took at least 2 hours figuring out what to say, in between answering hamachi questions.  LOL.  Like I said, its tough being Versatile sometimes. Good luck!

Note: For the naysayers out there, this is my post and my thoughts only.  Ridicule me if you want.  I reached a compromise with the material, and I’m sticking with it.  Live a little, seriously. xD

Has the secret post been made yet?: No (4-19-09)

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