Day to Day perception

I want to talk to you about stereotypes.

Now don’t go thinking this is a long rant about the general moral faults of our current society.  It’s not.  This ones more personal then that.  I was speaking to a very good friend of mine today, one who owns this site in fact but that is neither here nor there, I’m just proud of him is all.

Back on topic, now I’ve been gone a while and haven`t spoken to him in a while and as we spoke he mentioned something I had done to my arm, I then told him I had the other arm done as well.

Now your thinking “What the hell this guy is talking about” well, it is about tattoos. Actually to be more specific it is about visible or large tattoos and the way people treat you when they either learn of them or see them on your person.

Myself, I have a mere three. Both fore arms with very different images and one higher up my left arm, but that ones rather small and close to my heart.  Now I can hear some people saying ” three is not much, why is he spouting all this rubbish ” well, I’m curious. Curious as to why ever since I made the choice to have such visible things on my body has peoples perception of me changed.

Before, I was always able to walk around freely without drawing too much attention to myself.  But now, people seem to either stare, or take a quick glance at my forearms and others seem unable to help them selves and pass comments to there friends about what kind of person I must be to have such things on my arms.  The general feel is that I must be part of some kind of gang or involved in violence in some way or generally just an odd kind of person.

Its not just strangers that seem to think this either, even my friends do. For example the one I have all ready mentioned asked what I’m working as, so I told him I’m a door man ( bouncer, guy who mans the club doors).  First thing he said to me? You must really look the part with those tattoos. Now I know this was meant as a nice thing but it did get me thinking is the majority of the world stereotyping people with visible tattoos? Or am I reading too much into this?

Think for a moment about those women who have there lower backs done. Some may call this a ” Tramp Stamp ” why you ask?. Seems to me that some people see these designs on them and automatically assume that there overly free with who they sleep with and how they behave. This assumption has been made without knowing that person, just based on what they choose to put on there body. Going to tell me thats right?

Personally I consider mine to be art, its art I carry around with me and I’m proud to do so. I see nothing wrong with them, I can’t see them as offensive or crude and yet I get these looks and comments. I am however by no means worried about the reactions of others, it was my choice to have them done and in such a place where they are always on display. Yet, after speaking more he asked me if I thought they would hinder any career choices I may make, my honest answer. Yes.

As I already stated there is something about tattoos that people just don’t like, I’m all ready barred from joining the police,and any military service because of them and I cant see them letting me become a school teacher either, It was suggested I could cover them up for work, would I? No I would not. I see them as a part of me now and a part of who I am, if I was to cover them I would feel it was pointless to have them done in the first place. You may think that is strange, that I would risk any job prospects because I wouldn’t cover them up if asked, but to me that is normal.  Its the choice I made when I got them done.

So now I’m asking you guys, what would you think if you saw me, or anyone else like me walking down the road towards you? Would you stereotype me? Or would you just accept it as another part of life? Feel free to leave any comments and I will read every one. Who knows, I may even get to write a follow up.


Oh, and the left arm ( tribal ) says this ” Ego, sum Alpha Omega susipio quad terminus ”

The English translation is this ” I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning  and the end “

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