L4D – Survival Mode – Review and Gold Medal!!!!


In short, L4D Survival Mode owns hard.  It is a lot of fun, and it is hard to get to gold medal.  If you think you are pro, then lets see you try to get gold on the survival maps with your team. If your team sucks, you have no chance of winning.

Last night I played a survival mode map with Hail2King, Bima, Lara, and myself.  We picked the airport terminal map, and it was a blast to play.  This has to be one of the better maps out there, yes, even better than the new light house map. Anyway, it took us I think 4 or 5 tries before on the last play we were able to get to gold.  It was an awesome feeling, because this is my first gold win ever!

In survival mode, you are pited against waves of waves of zombies in  a confined space.  Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible, and if you pass 4 mins you get bronze, 7 minutes you get silver, and in 10 minutes you get gold.  It is a hard battle to get to 10 minutes, but if your team is good, you will get there.  Simply put.

There is nothing more satisfying than having to fight against 2 tanks, 2 smokers, and 1 hunter all at the same time.  While two people fight the tanks, the other two survivors go fight the horde.  With the in-game voice communication, it makes it even easier and cruical to verbally tell these tactics.  It is the only way to win. I seriously think that games that were 10 minutes plus was due to people who have at least 1 microphone on board.

L4D is fun, and I highly recommend everyone to play it with the new DLC!

For every person that helps me get a gold medal, I will post your flag here. Thanks!


Flag for user Bima

Flag for user Lara

Flag for user Lara


USA - This is for Versatile and the rest of us!

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  1. Argentinian power FTW!LOL

    nice playing with you dude.i bought a new microphone today.

    well greetings from argentina

  2. Sorry you rain on your parade but terminal is pretty easy…

  3. the flag! lol

    nice one there verastile.

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