Roll With the Punches – Tomorrow Is a New Day


Is it one of those days again?  You had a long day at work, at school, or wherever and you feel tired and beaten down.  It’s as if the world is out to get you, and no one can relate?  Ever feel like that?  Don’t worry, I feel like that too every now and then.  Listen, there is hope.  This is what you need to do.

Let’s face it. Everyone thinks they are special.  It is tough for some people to be humble, because other people will think you have a hidden agenda for being nice.  This is not the case.  What is wrong being a nice person, and act that way be doing community service, or being a tutor or mentor?  What this world are more people to be more holistic in an outward sense.

There are a lot of people in the world that are energy drain suckers.  Have you ever had a great idea, and tell it to a friend or colleague only to find them trying to shoot your idea down?  These people don’t have the same enthusiasm as you, and hell, they may start getting jealous of your vibrant personality.  These type of people don’t want you to be happy, and they will do whatever in their own right to tear down your name.

Let’s think abou this a bit. Why would one person want to ruin another person’s reptuation?  Let’s call the hater Jake, and he hates a person named Jason.  Jason is a geek at heart, and at work he does his best on his projects.  He may have cool ideas to talk about at meetings, and most of the time the boss agrees.  Jake has some ideas of his own, but not many people are receptive to the like Jason’s ideas.

Over time, Jake starts to despite Jason a bit, maybe even hate him.  He will try to find faults in Jakes logic, and by doing so, he hopes to get the other crew members on his side and tear Jason apart.  Oh my gosh, wouldn’t that be grand?

Here we are, two people that used to be best of friends but one is getting jealous of the other.  How does Jason deal with this?  Using the tools of Dale Carnegie, there are schools of thought on how to treat the other person, and how to influence them and make them your friends again.

Instead of arguging with the other person, let them rant.  Take their comments, and say thank you.  Face it, someone is always out there to get you, and for what reason?  You have no reason to tempt them any more, so just roll with it.  On the outside, you may let the person win, and over time you make them feel a winner.  Over time, that person will see the light and realize his ways were wrong, and maybe try to get onto better terms with you. Wouldn’t that be a win-win situation?  I think so!

As a relatively new blog author here (compared to other bloggers on the net), I try my best to come off as helpful and humble.  I have witness and experienced a lot of stuff in my life, and I try to write guides for them that are easy to understand, and of course, in a matter that does not degrade the user. With that said, some people may think I am some stuck up person who believes I am a know it all, but I assure you I do not know everything.

If I did, you would see this blog turn into a CNN site or a real website.  I assure you, I do not plan to go that route.  My videos and guides are written in a very concise manner and with much thought. Items are not thrown together randomly.  Everything has a will and a purpose.

With that said, there are some haters out there who would like to put me down.  There are other users out there that are appreciative of the work that I have done, and when I meet them or talk to them, they tell me how much my guides have personally helped them.  These are the people we need.  These are the people that spread the good word.  Of course, there will always be naysayers and those who want to tarnish the image of others, but there is nothing you can do with it.

Just roll with the punches, as tomorrow is a new day.  Stop focusing on the negatives and live on the positives.  Only then will your mind be free from worry, and you can start living freely without worrying about what others have to say.

This is how I live. I have taken my bullets in my life, and my wounds have healed.  If people want to chew me out some more, go ahead.  I know what it feels like to reach rock bottom, so anything some says or does to me doesn’t hurt anymore.  If you can think like this, then I think you have found yourself true power within yourself.

Am I off track? Does this sound right?  Let me know how you deal with hardcore criticism or with people who try to give you a bad reputation.  This is how I do it.

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  1. I agree without a doubt. It reminds me of the superficial mindset of society trying to demand everyone to strive for perfection, but doesn’t see the perfection there already is. I don’t mean to stray off topic, but I believe that those who live in the media have a hard time attaining self respect, they think that the images they see are what is expected of them and they waste most, if not all, of their lives striving to be what they believe others want them to. There will always be criticism, and there will always be flaws. Searching for perfection, instead of enjoying the perfect things you already have is a sad way to live your life and I take pity on those who are stuck in that rut. Love your flaws, they’re what makes you an individual. In short, imperfection is perfection. That’s my two cents on life, hahah.

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