Kindness Does Exist In a World of Hate

Do you believe in miracles?  How about acts of kindness?  I, for one, am a skeptical man (almost).  There have been some interesting stories in my life that seems unbelievable, and here is one that just occurred yesterday in fact.

I live in Milwaukee, and the area where I am currently living is not so hot. It is the south part of the city, with a lot of hispanics in my area, which is fine, but over the last few months there are a lot of reckless drivers, and even an occurence of a gunshot. Definitely not where I want to live long term.

Anyway, this year is the time to buy houses, and I found an awesome one outside the city in the suburbs, and its about 10 minute drive to work so I’m not complaining. As I am heading out the door to meet my family by the car, I find them speaking to a person with a cute dog. I don’t know the guys name exactly, so let’s call him “Edward”.

The story goes is my mom saw Edward walking his dog and she said “Oh, how cute. When I have a dog someday I want it just like yours.”

Edward replied, “Oh really? You can have her. I don’t have space in my existing house, and I don’t have time to take care of the dog. Your daughter would really love her.” At this time, the dog is playing with my sister, who is 10 years old. The dog is currently 5 months old.

We were taken a back by this man’s kindness. We had offered to give Edward some money, but he flat out refused. At the very least, we gave him our phone number so he can call us to ask how the dog is doing, and then we gave him a few bucks cash so he could go buy some beer.

With that, we have a brand new dog! Considering that a new dog from the pet store or adoption center can easily go for several hundred dollars, the price of ours was literally free!

In this world when there are scammers and other mischievous people out there to get your money, it is surprising to find sprinkles of nice acts of kindness among the masses. Yesterday was a great example. Seems like a fairy tale story, right?

Below is another picture of the dog.

Does anyone know the breed of type of this dog? I really have no idea. At first glance, I want to say its some sort of Beagle type, but I don’t know.

For now, we are going to call her Lily. ;0

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  1. So cute! She’s definitely part daschund–looks like she’s mixed with a boxer because of the shape of her ears and the markings on her chest, head, and feet. She also has a deep chest like a boxer. Her ears and chest are probably really soft. Can we see her tail?

    • I forgot to get a picture of the tail, and now the dog is across the state in my old home.

      I’ll upload a new picture once I see her again next week. ;p

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