Ninjas Need To Breathe Too! – Blog Update 5-11-09

Finally, something that I can write that doesn’t require a lot of time and careful planning on my part!  For the longest time here at the blog I did what was called “[TiT]” articles, or “That’s It Tuesdays” where I gave an update on the blog as to what is going on.  I did that for maybe 62 weeks in a row and then I just stopped.

Now here is summer and we got some new people on board (ok, just one) and I thought I’d give you the community some flavor as to what will be going on in the next month or so.  Due to the new audience from Garena, I thought this would be the best time to divulge some secrets.

Earlier this week I wrote a post about tangent conversations.  I hope you guys have a better idea what a tangent conversation is, and how to bypass it when necessary. We all have the same 24 hours, it is a matter of how do you spend it.  When I come home from work, people just send me messages from all over the world. They have questions, I have answers.  I need to get the questions answered quick so I can do my own work.  To do so, I need to make sure people are not going off of tangents.  ;0  If you are one of these people, recognize that I am only helping you get to the answer faster.

Now in terms of new stuff that is coming to the blog, I recently did a powerpoint file on how to patch L4D.  I value community feedback. If there is a problem I consistently see over and over, I do something about it.  The powerpoint file was one of those items that I created on the fly to help out a user understand his issue more. ;0

Did you notice that in the polls I have a poll asking about tutorials?  I  recently enjoy doing video tutorials, for the fact that it is faster to explain a concept than try to write it out all in words.  However, I realize some people don’t want a video, they want just the text so they can read what they want and move on.  I totally agree with you.  Whenever possible, I try to do a text tutorial with a video tutorial as necessary.  Note that the video tutorial is nice to have, but it is also made for the youtube communty.  A lot of people from youtube goes to this blog, and from google.  I have created as many avenues as possible to capture this new audience.

One last thing that I am excited to reveal is the concept of underground newsletters.  The goal is that starting next month some time, once a month, a special newsletter will go out to email subscribers.  It will have a reflection on the past month’s hottest articles, whats in store for the future, maybe a secret tip, and other spicy details.  The newsletter will be short, maybe 1 page or 2 page of text.  Not sure if it will be done via email, pdf, or whatever.

We shall see. Expect the form to be up relatively soon so you can sign up. Thanks!

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