[Indirect Tutorial] Killing Floor – The New Left 4 Dead?


Foreword:  I have named this tutorial very strangely.  The “Indirect Tutorial”?  What is that supposed to mean?  *smiles*  Please recognize that the nature of this article is to simply open your eyes about this game, and what it can do for you, or what you can do for it.  I leave the rest of the mystery to you.  ~ Versatile


5-27-09: Initial release

5-29-09: Added the new link to the other tutorial website. >_>

It was bound to happen. With the success of Valve’s game of the year “Left 4 Dead”, it was bound that another zombie game would hit the market soon. Tripwire has the answer with their different game called “Killing Floor”.

What is Killing Floor?

Per Wikipedia:

Killing Floor is a mod for the Unreal Tournament 2004 video game, first released in 2005 as a demo, and full version, later that year. The mod acquired popularity after appearing in several game magazines. It is a survival horror first-person shooter based game, with Co-op multiplayer action. A retail version of the game was released via Steam on May 14, 2009.

To me, think of it as Counter Strike meets Left 4 Dead.  Main features include:

  • Killing zombies for cash.
  • Fighting waves of zombies similar to Left 4 Dead.
  • 6 player co-op.
  • Each map has a “boss”.
  • Available SDK map making kit.
  • In game voice communication

and more!  See the full details at http://www.killingfloorthegame.com/.

Is there a Single Player?

Yes, sort of.  All you do is go as yourself and fight against waves of zombies until you reach the boss. You can earn perks this way too so you can unlock other achievements.  Due note that there are no AI computer players to help you, so you are definitely on your own here.

How about Online Multiplayer?

Yes, there is online multiplayer. You can host your own online games and have up to six people playing with you on Steam.  If you have a custom map that your friend doesn’t, your friend will automatically download the map from you.  Left 4 Dead currently does not have this feature, so this is nice to have.

Can Killing Floor be played without Steam? *wink*

Yes, there is a LAN mode so you can play offline.

No, you misunderstood me.  Can Killing Floor be played online without Steam? *double wink*

Oh, you mean can it be played online without having Steam?  Yes, it can.  However, you do realize that this is circumventing the Steam system.  I have heard the argument from players who own the game that Steam players are bothersome, and they would like to try a different way of playing their game online.  Perhaps with more mature audience.  I have no argument against these cases.  In fact, I want people to be aware of all opportunities to play their game online besides Steam.

Currently there are two popular ways to play your game online:

  • Garena  (most popular)
  • Hamachi (second most popular)

Garena is starting to become the most popular online portal to help you play your games online.  In fact, as of today 5-27-09, Killing Floor was added to the Garena network!

Hamachi is another good way to play online.  It is a virtual VPN solution that essentially emulates the LAN over the Internet so you can play with your friends by playing in what is called Hamachi networks.

How can I play Killing Floor Online with Garena or Hamachi?  Do I need special patches?

Due to the nature of WordPress.com, I don’t think I am allowed to go into those type of details as that is frowned upon.  However, I do recall among my adventures on the Internet that there are guides that explain how to play Killing Floor online with Garena or Hamachi.  Should I post a link to one of those sites?  Would there be any harm in that?  I don’t think so, do you?

Here is the link:  [How To] Play Killing Floor Online – Garena/Hamachi

Note:  This article is simply to make you aware of other online gaming alternatives.  No way do we infer or advocate piracy. We are not held liable for what you may learn at other websites on the Internet.  How you want to live your digital life is up to you, and the Underground Staff wishes you the best of luck on your journey.

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  1. Wow, killing floor. I’m not really sure where I can get the game file, and I’m not intending to buy it from steam.

  2. New link updated to tutorial site!

  3. You do know that Killing floor has been around before L4D was ever concieved right? Since 2006 as an alpha and officially released in 2007 for UT2k4 and after its eventual downfall due to the engine limitations Alex brought it to Tripwire whome remade it and refined all his little knick knack errors to the game it is today.

    So really, this article is just a short review with a title that is misleading…

    as for a link to download the older version, just go through FileShack, they have the old version where you can download the mod for UT2004 and there are some servers still running about here and there… If Sealsplace is still up you can have a grand time there (but im having my doubts since Alex changed sides and moved the game to Tripwires hands)

    • Yes, the title is misleading, isn’t it? Killing floor was part of UT2k4 as a mod, and now it is simply commercialized. No different than Counter Strike starting as a mod and then turning into a cash cow.

  4. danteawakening

    can u give me tutorial to playing on LAN (offline) without Steam.. coz i had to login on steam first to get on multiplayer or host game mode..
    do i need to modified any system first?? or open any port to play it offline

  5. o/
    I don’t can acess the link, why ? :S

  6. Hey Versatile! Excellent work! Thanks for your helpful info!

  7. So i dont need garena and other stuff to play on lan ? Only revloader and then host game
    But i got “unknown steam error” and note “you must be connected to steam” at start of solo and when i push “host” button i have revloader but im thinking its old :/

  8. By Mattisdada

    The only working Killing Floor 1011+ crack for Killing Floor. In theory this should work for 1008 and onwards, haven’t tested it on older versions yet…

    If your stuck on the connecting screen, this is the crack for you 🙂

    This will work! It has two modes, dedicated server mode and client mode.

    If you want the dedicated server to work, run Dedicated Server Mode.bat
    You will NOT be able to connect to ANY server while in dedicated server mode

    If you want to be able to JOIN any game (steam AND non-steam, LAN/Internet),
    run Client Mode.bat.

    1. Extract zip contents to the root of killing floor 1011+ (should work for 1008 and on wards. Keyword, SHOULD)
    2. Run Repair Current Directory.bat
    3. Run Client Mode.bat
    4. Run KF_Play.exe from now on (you dont need to do steps 1 – 3 every time)
    5. (opt) Run Dedicated Server Mode.bat to enable dedicated server

    You can run a listening server within client mode.

    If the game is still not working (stuck on connecting screen). Manually make sure the following files are NOT in system (this is what Repair Current Directory.bat is supposed to do)


    Patchs and what not:
    Do NOT use the revloader included in this post.
    Freshly Repacked and Uploaded – feb 25
    This will update any version of KF to v1011+ and ready for the DA2 mod.
    852 MB exe \ 1.95 GB installed

    Freshly Repacked and Uploaded – feb 25
    This will bring your v1010 game up-to-date for the DA2 mod.
    273 MB exe \ 726 MB installed

  9. Thanks Mattisdada, you saved me a great deal of grief.

  10. hmm…where can i downloads kf for no steam by work in garena?

  11. can link 4 me?

  12. Whre to downloads kf non steam but work in garena ….links 4 me pls

  13. It helped me alot, thanks!

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