The New Underground Project


5-28-09: Initial Release

5-29-09: Update to explain the new project!

At 7pm Central time today, I will reveal here what the new project is.  Whatever you thought it was, throw it out the window because it is not even close.

Imagine a magical blender where you blend in these ingredients:

  • 1 cup cleverness
  • 1 cup sly
  • 1 pint smartass
  • 10 oz of erotica material
  • 1 liter of content
  • 1/2 gallon of controversy
  • a crapload of strawberries
  • and a sticker on the side of the blender that says anti-tx3000 forever.

The result of the magical drink is the new Underground project.  Keep your eyes open!

It is time of release.  What is the new project?

Let’s face it. Being suspended for the third time on has made me open my eyes and to start entertaining other possibilities.  There are a lot of great articles we want to write in the future, but if bringing them here onto this main blog is going to risk us getting into suspension number 4, and perhaps a deletion, is it worth the risk?

It is a question I ask myself every time I write a questionable post here on the blog.  You think you are under the radar, but sooner or later someone is going to complain, and we get a 9 day suspension.  It could have been worse, we would have been deleted and I would have lost everything.  Now that would suck right?

In order to combat this, I am announcing the rebirth of the sister site to this blog called “Welcome to the Other Underground”.  At that blog, the quantity of articles will be less, but it will receive the same type of attention and love as this main blog does.  Any article that is questionable for posting here will be posted on the other blog, coined “V2”.  Since it is a self-hosted wordpress blog, that means we can do what we want without fear of shutting it down if it violate’s its Terms of Service.

The benefits: Cooler themes, more plugins, and more provacative articles!  You cannot go wrong with that.  Expect back and forth traffic between the two blogs.  It will be good times.  If you want to check it out, you can type

Tug = The Underground (for short).  Pretty cool, eh?  Now go check it out!

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