Twitterbar – Great Firefox Extension for Twitters!


So here at the blog, Voltaire and I became twitter users, more as a response to our third suspension from WordPress.  In efforts to keep the community abreast of our activities, we have implemented two Twitter widgets.  One widget is for the overall blog, and then the other widget is for myself as I continue to work on special projects.

Rather than login to all the time to post a tweet, I now use a nifty firefox extension called twitterbar.  How it works is you type a message into the address bar, and then to post you type –post.

Example:  Hello world!  –post

When you type the “–post”, it will automatically post your tweet to your account and then the rest of the world can see what you just said.  The twitterbar initially asks for your login information, and then afterwards it just remembers.  It is very useful when I am browing some site, I can just tweet from the address bar than distrupt my workflow to visit

Want to give it a whirl?  Here is the link.

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