[Novice Guide] How to Get Started with PS2 and Backups


6-23-09:  Initial release

Note:  This is just a guide to let users know what they can do with the PS2. The Underground Staff does not advocate piracy, and this is just an informational guide. We cannot be held liable for what you do with this information. I am just repeating information that I have across the net and am just going to re-iterate for Underground needs. ~ Versatile

It is my understanding that some people know about the whole scene related to PS2 modding, and some don’t. Perhaps some are just getting onto the bandwagon, and perhaps some have moved onto other consoles for modding and left their PS2 in the dust.  Now that the PS2 slim is only $99, it has made many people eye the price and consider modding it to create backups of their existing games and save their PS2 library while the PS2 is still alive.

Whatever the case may be, I am going to explain what PS2 modding is, why you may be interested, and how you can do it. Please note that modding the PS2 is not illegal, it is the intention of what you may do with it is illegal. The DMCA thing is not very clear, nor has it been, but I assume it is all right to make back up copies of games you own. It is illegal to get backed up copies of games that you don’t own. It is just stealing. I will leave it to that. What you do is your own business.

Want to learn about PS2 modding?

What is modding? In essence, it is unlocking the power of your PS2 to run homebrew programs (user created programs), or to make it do things that it wasn’t meant to do like playing backed up games or playing Super Nintendo games. Want to see an example?  See the video below for PS2 exploited to use SNES station to play roms.

Now the Underground has tutorials on PS2 modding. To find more about these tutorials, go to the “Search” bar and search for PS2. This has everything you want to know related to modding so far.

Can the fat or slim PS2 be modded?

Yes. There are two kinds of mods.  Softmod and hardware mod.  A softmod means that the PS2 runs a program off a disc and it lets you play your games.  A hardware mod or modchip is a chip that you buy online and you need to open up your PS2 and solder the chip to the circuit board (or you can get a non-solder version).  The problem with the hard mod is that it is risky, and it voids your warranty.

The benefit of a softmod is that it does not require you to open the PS2, thus saving your warranty.  An example of a softmod is Swap magic.  To learn more about swap magic, go to the link below:


Is there another alternative to Swap Magic for softmodding?

Yes.  Another method is called memory card exploit.  A good example is Memor32, which can be found at http://www.memor32.com.

The original purpose of this is to let the user connect the memory card to the PC to download save game files and transfer PS2 save game files.  However, I found a guide that lets you change the firmware on the Memor32, an exploit if you will, so you can play your backed up PS2 games!!!!

See the guide here.

Another way is to make your own 8MB memory card into an exploited memory card by using what is called Free McBoot.  However, you need to have swap magic or a mod chip to do it.  If you need a guide on this, please go here.

How about hard drive mods?

If you have a fat PS2, you can use the network interface adapter to get a hard drive installed, but you need a program called HDLoader installed to boot PS2 games from the hard drive.  An alternative is to use USBExtreme, which lets you play games off a USB hard drive.  See my guide here on this.  Link


Modding a PS2 in the year 2009 and beyond is easy.  If I had told you in 2001 that when the PS2 was released that it could be modded, you would have think I am crazy.  Well, who is crazy now?

PS2 modding is easy, and it may be worth it, especially at a ridiculous price of $99 for a brand new slim PS2.  The PS2 is on the last of its legs, so it may not be long before the PS2 officially dies. However, as of this writing, new PS2 games are coming, but nothing groundbreaking. Gran Turismo, God of War, GTA, and Devil May Cry already paved the road for greatness already.

There are alot of great JPN games, as well as RPGs.  If you got time to burn, I definitely recommend you go find some PS2 games and relive them from such a classic gaming era.

If you have any questions on this subject, leave a comment!  Thanks!

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  1. I’m a bit confused… If I burn a downloaded games from torrent and burn it in dvd-r can I play it directly to my ps2 or it must be modded first(ps2)?

  2. does modding means that it can run pirated ps2 games?

  3. if your ps2 already plays “pirated” games, do you still need to mod it to play the ones burned from torrents?

  4. No? I just bought my ps2 and as far as I know I don’t have it. My ps2 plays pirated games though.

  5. rip and burn?

    • Rip the game with dvd decrypter. Then burn the resulting ISO with dvd decrypter, and then we will know for sure if your PS2 can read backed up discs. If not, then its a question of whether or not you got 1st class dvd media.

  6. ya some ps2S dont need mod oldes ps2 first vresion to come out plays them just fine.

  7. Hey versatile and anyone else for that matter

    I just got a ps2 slim model SCPH-70001, and the flip-top cover with dvd version of swapmagic 3.6 and a cd version of swapmagic coder 3.8. I also got 2 burned copies of Front Mission 5: Scars of War from a friend of mine.I installed the ps2 slim flip-top cover. The problem is when I load up the DVD version of swap magic 3.6 and it enters the display of load program and video mode, so I take out the swap magic to put in the burned copy of Front Mission 5 and the game begins to spin but doesnt leave the swap magic display. The game then stops 5 seconds later and a message under the swap magic display title reads “not a valid PS2 disc.” So I tried both copies and I get the same results. The CD version of the swap coder doesnt work, dont know why, but in tutorials on you-tube it seems that I dont need it. I’m out of ideas and I definetely need some help playing this game. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to ix this problem then please reply or comment, thankyou


    • How did you burn this game? Is it 1st class media? Did you use dvd decrypter to do a 1:1 rip? Please explain. Try any other backed up PS2 game?

      • I dont have any other backed up games or whether a DVD decrypter was used. I do know that the disc is Memorex with a blue face on the side where its supposed to be scanned say when you place it into a ps2 or computer, etc. Thats about it do you think its a porblem without with the discs or with the swap magic. I’ll have to get a hold of my friend to answer if the game was made with a 1:1 DVD decrypter rip or whether its 1st class media. Any tips or ideas which Ican perform would help

        • Hey Versatile, I was able to get the game up and running at a cost of extremelty slow performance. I got it working by burning a copy of the burned front mission 5, but when I played it the using swap magic I experience slow performance of the in-gautsecens and the inetermission cutscenes. Im not able to watch anfin-game movies and the audios skips tremendously. I used DVD decryptor to rip the game and the game was ripped at 4x speed even though I set the setting at 1x write speed. The media I used is a Sony DVD-R disc. On another note I burned copy of Front Mission 4 from an original disc and I had slight performance problems, but nothing compared to FM5, any ideas,tips or advice would help.

  8. I want to know that is my PS2 already mod? Because I have a Australia ps2 and my dad just sick of buying a 60 dollars game so he bought me a Thai ps2 which can play a cheap backup games for only 4 dollars and it works.
    So is my ps2 already modded?

  9. Hello sir, i am planning to buy a slim ps2. And i am thinking of a way to play back ups of my legally owned games. I am thinking of going for hardware mod chip, but it voids the warranty of ps2 😦
    I have a external hard disc, segate 500 gb, which i use on my pc. So is there any way that i can use this hard disc so play games on ps2 ?

  10. i have a ps2 in which i can play copied games from the original game disk. but i m unable to play downloaded game which i burned in a dvd-r using 4*speed. do i have to use mod stuffs or my ps2 is already modded. help please!

  11. how to check that ps2 is module

  12. is it posible to softmod 90004 3a ps2

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